Serve Acrostic: Midyear Theme Word Refresher

Nearly half the year is gone so it’s time to give more thought to my 2021 theme word—serve. The creative exercise of writing acrostics is an excellent way for me to go deeper in my consideration of my theme word each year. This practice helps me think of different aspects of the word.

As I remind myself of and reflect on serve, I pray you are blessed and inspired to serve as well. Also, if you chose a theme word of your own this year, maybe this post will encourage you to do something similar with your word. Whatever your situation, friends, may you be blessed as you read!

See the needs of others, share your time and resources, and set aside selfish desires to be available.

Evaluate what you have to give, enter the lives of others with kindness, and engage those who don’t feel seen or heard.

Refresh others with scripture and encouraging words, remember what ministered to you and do likewise, and resist Satan’s attempts to discourage you from serving.

View everyone as loved by God, vacation where you can also serve, and vow to listen for the Spirit’s nudging.

Expand your vision of ways to reach out, enable others to meet needs as well, and extend love to the poor, the lonely, and the forgotten.

Let’s be alert to ways to serve. God will be pleased, others will be blessed, and so will we!

“. . . serve one another humbly in love.” Galatians 5:13 NIV

*How might God be calling you to serve right now?

*Special Note – As usual, God knows what he’s doing when he guides me to a word for the year. By late January, our daughter was diagnosed with breast cancer so I’ve spent much time helping her and her family. My husband has also had some health challenges. Serve has come to life in ways I never anticipated. Yes, God knows what he’s doing! (p.s. Kelli completed her chemo treatments earlier this month. She still has some tests and procedures in front of her, but she is doing well!)

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