Mothers of the Bride Need Prayer


Mother of the Bride, it’s okay to ask your friends and family for prayer when you need it—and that’s pretty much all the time during wedding planning months, isn’t it? As an MOB you face such an increased demand on your time and energy that it’s not only natural but also advisable to recruit help as you call on God for divine help.

The Bible tells us that “two are better than one” (Ecclesiastes 4:9), and this principle certainly applies when feeling the need for support and prayer. When tasks are piled higher than the ceiling and anxious feelings creep in, it’s good to know that not only are you pouring out your heart to God about your challenges and fears but that someone else has your back in prayer on everything, too.

While helping plan my girls’ weddings, I regularly asked my sisters, my mom, and my best friends for their ongoing prayer support. After all, during wedding planning, wisdom is needed for a host of decisions. In addition, MOBs need God’s blessing in finding the best deals available and also his help in finding needed items. An MOB also needs prayer for physical and emotional stamina as well as for handling any tension that comes up with the bride and groom or any others involved in the wedding in any way.

And sometimes, MOB, an extra need for special prayer may unfold. You may be hit with a family crisis in the last few days or weeks before the wedding. One of your vendors may go out of business at the last minute. Or maybe Wedding Weekend is upon you and you’re feeling anxious and in need of peace—plus the blessing of everything running smoothly.

That kind of general unease hit me a couple of days before Kelli’s wedding, and I called on my good friend Teri for the extra prayer support I needed. I felt better sharing my fears with someone, and she was happy to help me during such an important time in my life.

So, MOB, don’t be afraid to ask for prayer. Believe me, your friends and family stand ready to help.

*What do you most need prayer for at this point in your wedding planning?

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