Spring Wedding Cake: Cherry Blossoms

Mother of the Bride, is a spring wedding in the works at your house? If so, the wedding may be coming up within the next couple of months or perhaps you’re in the very beginning stages of wedding planning with the date set sometime for next spring. Whatever the case, I’m sure spring colors and spring ideas are springing to mind right and left. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun!)

If one of your daughter’s colors is pink, today’s spring wedding cake idea—cherry blossoms—might be something she’d love to include in her big day. Nothing says spring like cherry blossoms, right? Delicate and beautiful. Pastel perfection.

The photo above is just one example of how cherry blossoms might be incorporated into a wedding cake. You might want to look for other examples, too, and then show them all to your daughter at the same time. She’ll appreciate having several options to consider.

MOB, I hope this is an idea that will work for your sweet girl. If so, time to find your baker and arrange for a tasting. That’s when things really get fun!

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*Flickr photo by Jamie Anderson, Creative Commons License

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