Wedding Cake Idea: The Single Layer Cake!


Mother of the Bride, has your daughter noticed the gorgeous single layer wedding cakes that brides can choose today? Most single layer cakes feature a tall layer and, wow, do they look classy and beautiful.

Variety abounds when it comes to the design a bride might select. The cake above features flowers and polka dots, but pretty much anything can be done, MOB. You and your daughter can find some other options on my Wedding Cakes Pinterest board as well as on a Pinterest page that exclusively features single layer wedding cakes.

When might a bride decide to go with a single layer cake? If a bride is having a small wedding, a single layer cake would provide the servings needed, help keep the overall cost down, and still look gorgeous at the same time. Some brides also want to have a small cake at each table with a special one up front for the bride and groom. Others like to have multiple cakes displayed so single layer cakes would be perfect for that as well.

MOB, talk with your daughter about her wedding cake wishes. A single layer cake (or cakes) might be just what she wants or needs!

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*Flickr photo by Whipped Bakeshop; Creative Commons License


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