Table Décor for Rustic Weddings


Mother of the Bride, if a rustic wedding is in your daughter’s future, have either of you given any thought yet to style-appropriate table décor? Your decision might be influenced by whether or not the reception will be indoors or outdoors or whether the theme is more specific to ranching, farming, a throwback to the Old West, or just country living in general.

The mason-jar-with-flowers idea shown above is simple yet adorable and could fit in well with a variety of rustic weddings. Simply start with a mason jar, add a swatch of burlap and ribbon around the middle, tie off a twine bow at the top, and fill the jar with some simple and inexpensive baby’s breath and another flower in one of the wedding colors. The result? Super cute, easy to make, and budget friendly as well. Can’t beat that, huh?

So MOB, if rustic is the order of your upcoming big day, share this great idea with your little bride-to-be daughter and see if she’d like to use it for her table centerpieces or as table (or stump!) décor or as accent pieces in other places. These cute mason jars will be sure to add a touch of beauty however they’re used!

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Wedding Cake Idea: The Single Layer Cake!


Mother of the Bride, has your daughter noticed the gorgeous single layer wedding cakes that brides can choose today? Most single layer cakes feature a tall layer and, wow, do they look classy and beautiful.

Variety abounds when it comes to the design a bride might select. The cake above features flowers and polka dots, but pretty much anything can be done, MOB. You and your daughter can find some other options on my Wedding Cakes Pinterest board as well as on a Pinterest page that exclusively features single layer wedding cakes.

When might a bride decide to go with a single layer cake? If a bride is having a small wedding, a single layer cake would provide the servings needed, help keep the overall cost down, and still look gorgeous at the same time. Some brides also want to have a small cake at each table with a special one up front for the bride and groom. Others like to have multiple cakes displayed so single layer cakes would be perfect for that as well.

MOB, talk with your daughter about her wedding cake wishes. A single layer cake (or cakes) might be just what she wants or needs!

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*Flickr photo by Whipped Bakeshop; Creative Commons License

Fun Wedding Reception Idea: A Chef at Work!


Mother of the Bride, are you and your darling girl and her guy considering the menu for the wedding reception yet? Options are numerous, and families today choose anything from a full sit-down dinner to a buffet to hors d’oeuvres to cake and punch alone. Your choice will be determined, of course, by the happy couple’s wishes as well as the wedding budget.

One fun idea is to feature a chef-attended live action station at some point during the festivities. A chef at work could be incorporated in any number of ways, depending on your specific menu items.

For our younger daughter’s wedding, we chose a dinner buffet with an Italian theme. The caterer arranged for a chef to be at one of the serving tables preparing cheese tortellini in pesto sauce. It added such a fun and special touch to the celebration. Could you do something similar with the menu your couple has chosen?

MOB, grab the bride, put your thinking caps on, and see how you might incorporate a chef at work in the upcoming party-of-your-lives!

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*Photo by Flowers Photography

A Creamy Addition to a Wedding Dessert Bar


Mother of the Bride, have your daughter and her groom-to-be decided to have a dessert bar at their wedding reception? If so, I imagine the ideas are flying concerning exactly what to include. May I throw another idea into the mix?

A creamy pudding or mousse could provide a light and delicious dessert option for your wedding guests. Chocolate is pictured above and would be sure to be a hit, but lots of other flavors would be great possibilities, too. Your daughter might even be able to match the flavor to one of the colors of her wedding—for instance, strawberry, lemon, or pistachio.

Serving the creamy dessert in a martini or champagne glass (as pictured above) looks elegant and fun at the same time. Add a ribbon in one of the colors of the wedding and you’re good to go. Not only will this pudding/mousse martini-idea make a beautiful display at the reception, but your guests will enjoy savoring a comfort food all dolled up for the wedding festivities.

Why not share this yummy and fun dessert idea with your daughter, MOB? Your guests will be glad you did!

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*Flickr photo by Furumaru, Creative Commons License