Cupcake Bouquets as Wedding Centerpieces

Mother of the Bride, have I got a super-creative, super-yummy centerpiece idea for you and your sweet girl today—wedding centerpiece cupcake bouquets!

What’s not to love about a centerpiece that will definitely not go to waste? And what can be be more exciting for guests than cake at their very own tables? This is definitely a win-win idea!

Ask your cake baker/designer to frost the cupcakes to look like roses and then select whatever color will work best with your décor plan. You can even go with different color bouquets scattered throughout. For an extra touch of variety, you can offer multiple flavors of cake—but nothing is wrong with one divine flavor either!

A variety of bases and numbers of cupcakes in the bouquets can also be used. A pail is used in the examples pictured here, but flower pots, baskets, crystal glassware, or even wooden crates can work as well. A pretty ribbon wrapped around the base also adds a nice touch.

So MOB, see if this idea appeals to your daughter—and then have fun brainstorming cupcake bouquet ideas together!

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Flickr photos by clevercupcakesCreative Commons License

Wedding Cake Table Idea: Display Engagement Photos

Mother of the Bride, want to add another aww factor to the cake table besides the cake itself? Display one or more of the happy couple’s engagement photos! It will be elegant but simple at the same time. Can’t beat that!

Featuring an engagement photo on the cake table not only adds a sweet and romantic touch to the cake table décor, it gives you one more way to use and share those special photos that you’ve already spent money on. It’s always a plus when one expense can fulfill more than one purpose, isn’t it, MOB?

If possible, match the frame to the cake or other décor on the table to help pull the whole look together. The silver frame in the photo above is the perfect complement to the white wedding cake, silver cake stand, and the silver champagne bucket and cake server set used at my daughter Kelli’s wedding. In the photo below, the brown wooden frame is a perfect match for the chocolate groom’s cake chosen by my daughter Kristin’s groom for their wedding.

If simple, elegant, and already paid for sounds like a good combination to you, MOB, see if your daughter and her beloved would like to display some of their engagement photos on their cake tables. Everyone will enjoy!

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*Photo above by Flowers Photography; photo below by Chris Humphrey Creative Services

Table Décor for Rustic Weddings


Mother of the Bride, if a rustic wedding is in your daughter’s future, have either of you given any thought yet to style-appropriate table décor? Your decision might be influenced by whether or not the reception will be indoors or outdoors or whether the theme is more specific to ranching, farming, a throwback to the Old West, or just country living in general.

The mason-jar-with-flowers idea shown above is simple yet adorable and could fit in well with a variety of rustic weddings. Simply start with a mason jar, add a swatch of burlap and ribbon around the middle, tie off a twine bow at the top, and fill the jar with some simple and inexpensive baby’s breath and another flower in one of the wedding colors. The result? Super cute, easy to make, and budget friendly as well. Can’t beat that, huh?

So MOB, if rustic is the order of your upcoming big day, share this great idea with your little bride-to-be daughter and see if she’d like to use it for her table centerpieces or as table (or stump!) décor or as accent pieces in other places. These cute mason jars will be sure to add a touch of beauty however they’re used!

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*Flickr photo by Sweet Carolina Photography, Creative Commons License

Bride’s and Bridesmaids’ Bouquets as Cake Table Decor


Mother of the Bride, have you and your darling daughter discussed the wedding day décor for the cake tables yet? Remember, you will have two tables or areas to decorate—the main cake table and the table for the groom’s cake as well. Yes, the cakes will be decorative in themselves, but something more is really needed to add color and beauty to the white tablecloths you’ll more than likely use.

One smart and gorgeous solution is to use the bride’s and the bridesmaids’ bouquets to add beautiful accents to the cake tables. Since you already have money invested in the bouquets, why not use them beyond the ceremony?

Not only will the bouquets already be stunning, they will provide coordinating color, already be paid for, and will require no extra work. Just tell the bridesmaids ahead of time where they are to place their bouquets as soon as they arrive at the reception. Or have someone else assigned to gather the bouquets as soon as the post ceremony photos are taken so she can get them to the reception site asap.

MOB, this is one of those times you can kill two birds with one stone. Take advantage of it and move on to the next item on your to-do list. After all, you’ll probably be adding to that list as fast as you check things off, right?!

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0307*Top photo by Flowers Photography; bottom photo by Chris Humphrey Photographer