Insider Tips and Sight Encouragment with Cec Murphey

Call us darn lucky. Our Fellowship of Christian Writers group benefited Monday night from valuable insider tips presented by Cec Murphey, NY Times bestselling author of 90 Minutes in Heaven (coauthored with Don Piper). Cec had been in the area teaching at a writers conference and graciously extended his stay to be with us and spur us on in our writing endeavors.

He spoke about the business of writing, giving special emphasis to things to watch for in a book contract as well as questions regarding literary agents. And since he’s author of well over 100 books and is one of only about 2% of writers who actually make their living from writing, his expert advice can be trusted. In other words, he knows what he’s talking about.

Not only is Cec knowledgeable, but he has a heart for helping other writers (for example, speaking to our group). Since I posted Cec Muphey, Author and Mentor a couple of years ago, I won’t repeat that mentoring info but do have one thing to add. Recently, Cec started his Writer to Writer blog and faithfully shares “lessons learned from a lifetime of writing”. Upon hearing about it, I jumped to subscribe, added his link to the “For Fellow Writers” section on my sidebar, and have been gathering nuggets of wisdom ever since.

Even though it’s a blessing to hear Cec’s insider tips and nuggets of wisdom, it was also a real blessing just to see him and be encouraged by his gracious spirit and the common bond we share as writers and Christians — especially since he’s been down the writer road longer than any of us in FCW. Writers, much like any other like-minded group of people, can be encouraged just by hanging out together, just by seeing one another.

The Bible tells us the apostle Paul experienced “sight” encouragement, too. After appealing to Caesar during one of his imprisonments and trials, he sailed to Rome under guard of a Roman regiment. After delays, storms, and shipwrecks, they arrived in Rome and were met by some of the believers there who had heard that Paul was coming. Scripture records, “At the sight of these men Paul thanked God and was encouraged.” (Acts 28:15b)

Isn’t it wonderful how just the sight of fellow believers — or fellow writers — can encourage and refresh us? Isn’t it a blessing to think that we might be that encouragement for someone else? Let’s be ready for our own opportunities to offer insider tips and sight encouragement. Let’s be ready to spur one another on…

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up…” 1 Thessalonians 5:11

* I posted a review of one of Cec’s books last year and also included another in a past issue of Life Notes, my free quarterly newsletter (sign-up to the right).

*My photo – did you spot me in the shot? I’m sitting at the far-right corner of the table, taking notes as fast as I can. Just hope I can read them now :)


  1. How awesome! I’ve “met” Cec Murphey on TWV2 and greatly respect his wisdom and willingness to share. To listen to him in person…Wow! What a night that must have been. You’ll have to pass on the nuggets from your copious notes.


  2. What a great post, Cheryl! Thanks for bragging on Cec. He truly is one of a kind. We appreciate the plug you gave for his blog for writers.

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