Morning Symphony

Morning Symphony

Much is reborn in spring,
Among them the morning symphony.
Nature’s music long muffled
By cold days and closed windows
Now greets me with gladness again.

The sweetness of the birds’ songs
Sends my spirit soaring,
Those pure, clear notes that nature sings
Point me to the Creator
To the grand Conductor
Of the magnificent morning symphony.

The cheep-cheep-cheep, the caw, the coo
The sliding chords and yodels
Take their turns with who-whoo-whoos
And leave me marveling at the glory.

Other sounds add different layers
Add interludes and accents,
A dog’s frenzied barking, a chattering squirrel
A train whistling in the distance
All keep me guessing what more
The masterpiece holds this morning.

And then soon I hear
The flutter of wings
A bird whooshing by overhead,
Next chiming church bells create a chorus
To which I’m compelled to add my voice.

No two days exactly the same
New music unfolds with each sunrise,
The morning symphony no longer muffled,
The voice of God,
A life-giving melody
Renews and inspires my spirit.
Yes, much is reborn in spring.

“He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God.” Psalm 40:3

*What do you like best about spring?

*Flickr photo by Jacob McGinnisCreative Commons License


  1. love the feeling of new beginnings and Christ’s promise through every season to us!

  2. I love to hear the birds chirping early in the morning as I am waking up!

  3. I love the feeling of renewal spring gives us. Evening light lengthens, promising new beginnings. And of course, I love planting, and the coming weeks of watching and watering as new life springs forth.

  4. Kirsten/Comfortably Domestic says

    I love the Easter season for all the new beginnings and fresh start of spring.

  5. Love the poem!

  6. Ladies, thanks so much for sharing the things you love about spring. Definitely one of the best times of the year, isn’t it?

    And Kristin, so glad you loved the poem! I thought you would like it :)

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