Catch-Up Session

Talk about a long overdue catch-up session. That’s what my friend Teri and I enjoyed yesterday when we went to Tulsa for a day of fun before my Fellowship of Christian Writers meeting later that evening. Because of the increased demand of the past few months, Teri and I hadn’t been able to spend any real time together since New Year’s Eve. Crazy, I know, but true. And yes, we had some serious catching up to do.

Now don’t get me wrong — we’ve kept in touch and supported each other through emails and occasional phone calls, but we were more than ready for face-time and lots of it. The perfect solution? A Tulsa trip. You know, all that talk-time in the car, not to mention the shopping and eating stops. By the way, yesterday we hit Cheddar’s for a delicious lunch and found our way to MaggieMoo’s for a yummy chocolate dessert before my meeting. You didn’t expect us to celebrate friendship without chocolate, did you? :)

After all, that’s what yesterday was about — celebrating friendship and catching up, not only on news but on time together. And Teri and I weren’t the only ones I know who recently felt the need to do that. My daughter Kelli blew into town for a few hours this past Saturday for a catch-up session of her own. Friends from her high school Bible study group who were going to be in town for the Easter holiday decided to plan their own little reunion. I love to see people being intentional about maintaining friendships because that’s what it takes — intentional effort and planning.

Anyone else in need of a catch-up session? Some real time spent with a best friend, a long-distance friend, or even a significant other? Perhaps a catch-up session is even in order with the best Friend we’ll ever have…with the Lover of our souls.

So come on….let’s be intentional. Let’s make some plans. Let’s celebrate friendship. And go ahead — use chocolate as necessary :)

“Do not forsake your friend and the friend of your father…” Proverbs 27:10a


  1. What beautiful ladies! I would love to catch up with you both! :) Glad you finally had some time to do something fun together.

  2. Catch-up time was really refreshing & so good for the soul.
    Some good laughs & doing something fun are wonderful. Thanks, Cheryl, for taking the time to get caught up.
    Jeneal–always love it, when you get to come this way, too. BTW,
    You’re a phenomenal artist- very talented.
    Kristin- would love to catch up, too!

  3. Kristin and Teri, thanks for the sweet comments. You are two of my favorite people to spend time with!!

  4. Persedangvere is a word I heard once in my life growing up, then I heard Beth Moore use it one night when she was taping Esther…so it may even be in a Bible Study now…

  5. Annette, thanks for the background info on “persedangvere” :) (For anyone else reading comments, I saw that word on Annette’s blog & asked her about it.) I’m going to have to be watching for an opportunity to throw a “persedangvere” into my writing or conversation now :)

  6. I’m in desperate need of some catch-up time with a few friends! Distance and $ are prohibiting the reunions. How I pray for a face to face meeting sometime in the near future.

    Glad for your day with your friend and with your daugther, and of course, the chocolate!


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