Good Intentions Lost in the Shuffle


We’ve all been there—moments when we make mental note to carry out a certain action at a later time. A time that’s more convenient, more sensible, or simply more doable. A time when we actually have a chance to see some white space on the current page of our lives.

That’s right, sometimes we are in the midst of situations or schedules that make it next to impossible to add anything else to our to-do lists. I bet many of us are just now emerging from such a time. The month of May fills our calendars to overflowing, becoming second only to December in pushing us to our limits.

For me personally, my busy season started several months ago. In addition to the regular demands of life, some caregiving responsibilities presented themselves as I helped care for my husband after his injury and then began making trips to help take care of our twin grandbabies.

During such demanding seasons, it’s easy and natural for our good intentions—those moments when we make those mental notes—to get lost in the shuffle of life.

During one of my out-of-town trips, I received an email update from missionary friends sharing news of their rather abrupt and early retirement. I told myself I’d drop them a note later when I wasn’t on duty at baby central. After I returned home, however, it seemed to only cross my mind at other hectic times—which, of course, was nearly all the time since I was busy playing catch-up amid the normal pulse of life. I hate to admit it, but it was over six weeks before I made good on my plan to jot that note to my friends.

When we fail to carry out our good intentions—and some of them are much more critical than writing a note—we tend to get down on ourselves, but instead, let’s give ourselves some grace and then go ahead and carry out the action. Like the old adage says better late than never.

Who knows, my note arriving weeks late (in my estimation) may have come at just the time for my friends. And other good intentions, whether starting an exercise regime or investing quality time in a relationship or learning a new skill, can still be carried out regardless of the delay in getting started.

Let’s not miss out on blessing someone or being blessed because our good intentions get lost in the shuffle of life. Let’s reclaim those good intentions and remind ourselves that it’s not too late to act. Let’s live in grace and victory!

“But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded.” 2 Chronicles 15:7

*Do you have any good intentions you need to reclaim?

*Flickr photo by m4r00n3d, Creative Commons License


  1. Totally agree. It’s never too late but is tempting to not follow through when the moment has passed. I’m thinking right now of a woman I have been meaning to send a card to who lost her husband. Need to do that!

    • Debbie, glad this has encouraged you to go ahead and send the card. Like with the note I sent several weeks late, your card may come at just the right time for your grieving friend. I know she will be blessed by it!

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