Summer Photo Fun: Name That Flower Returns!


Have you noticed that I enjoy adding a little guessing game twist to some of my Summer Photo Fun posts? Hope you don’t mind working a little when you drop by here, but what can I say—I love making you guess!

Since I did a Name That Flower post last summer that featured flowers from our region, this time I thought I’d make you guess the names of some flowers my daughter Kristin and son-in-law Shawn saw while they were in northwest Washington and Victoria British Columbia in June. I don’t remember seeing these flowers here in the Heartland before, but I’m not even an amateur expert on flowers so they may be seen in regions other than the Northwest as well.

So let’s see how familiar you are with these flowers seen in the Northwest. Are you ready to name that flower?

Can’t wait to see your guesses in the comments. List your guesses 1 through 8, starting with the top photo (the one above), and I’ll chime in from time to time and let you know if your guesses are correct. Have fun with it—and rejoice in the beauty from the hand of our Creator!

“May you be blessed by the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth.” Psalm 115:15



IMG_4452 - Copy


IMG_4208*Looking for the name of the white/pale green flower not the pink one.



*So what are your guesses? Good luck!

*Photos by Kristin

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  1. Some guesses from me The top pink is a foxglove, blue thistle, then the yellow flower is Owl’s clover (or some call butter and eggs). The blue tall flowers are lupines, I think. The whites are star lilies? The purple tree flower is maybe Jaracanda?

    How’d I do?

    • Thanks for playing, Elece! :) Here’s how you did:
      1. You’re right, it’s Foxglove! 2. Sorry, this one is Sea Holly. 3. Sorry, it’s Scotsman’s Purse. 4. You’re right with your guess below of Fuchsia! 5. You’re on the right track here with lupine. More specifically it’s Subalpine Lupine. 6. Looks like from your comment below, you’re really stumped on this one. It’s Astilbe. 7. Sorry, this bluish/purplish flower is California Lilac. 8. You’re half right on this one. It is a lily, but it’s an Avalanche Lily.
      You did better than I did. Before Kristin told me what they were, I didn’t know any of them (well, maybe could have guessed on the Lupine). Good job!

  2. The red and white one looks like fushia, but the green I can’t name or find in a book.

  3. Cheryl,

    The top one has to be a foxglove, right? I hear they are poisonous too, so you can add that twist to any fiction you’re writing. ;)

    Re your comment on my post “Why Community is Worth It…” yes, we writers have a solitary job at times. Thanks for stepping into mine here today. I am so much the richer because of you and the rest of this online community now too.

    Jennifer Dougan

    • Yes, Jennifer, the top one is foxglove. Had forgotten it was poisonous. I don’t write fiction (yet), but it’s still good to know! :)

      Thanks for being part of my online community, too. I know what you mean by feeling richer because of my online friends. Appreciate you!

  4. Thanks for sharing your pictures of the beautiful flowers. I love to look at flowers but never remember the names. I actually take pictures of them and take the picture with me to the garden stores when I am considering buying them.

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