Dry Spell

I’ve been experiencing a dry spell recently in my writing life, and no, I don’t mean writer’s block. I’m talking rejection and lots of it. The last acceptance I received came in October of last year—and then the editor chose not to run the piece after all.

Oh, I had pieces appear in various publications in October, November, and December and even had my work used on a 2011 Blue Mountain Arts Easter card, but those acceptances came long ago. So even though I celebrated each of those as they came out, I knew that no new acceptances meant it would be a long time before my work hit the printed page again.

Over the past few months of “no thank you” replies, I have had semi-good news from Blue Mountain Arts. They continue to choose to market review most of the pieces I send them. Getting selected for the market review is the first step toward publication with them, but even then, the chances are slim that they’ll go on to purchase the piece. It’s not an acceptance but rather a foot in the door. And I might add, I’ll take every one of those I can get! :)

So how do I handle the dry spells of a writer’s life? Other than saying, “Well, darn…” after each rejection, I just pull myself up by my writer bootstraps and keep writing and submitting and asking God to allow my work to be used.

It all comes down to trusting the Lord and his timing and firmly believing that all of it—dry spells included—is in his hands. I have a yellow sticky note posted at the base of my computer monitor that reads, “Wait for the Lord; Be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.” (Psalm 27:14)

So while I write and submit and pray, I also wait. The dry spell will one day end. Acceptance will come again—or maybe some other form of encouragement. My Father will send refreshment—to me and to all who keep looking to Him when desert times come. And then? Then “our mouths [will be] filled with laughter” (Psalm 126:2a). We might as well praise him now!

“I will turn the desert into pools of water, and the parched ground into springs.” Isaiah 41:18b

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  1. :) Acceptance will come again. I have yet to submit, so no acceptance here. Someday soon, though …

  2. Anonymous says

    You’re such an encouragement with your positive outlook, Cheryl. I commend your “keeping at it” attitude. If you love writing, then keep writing. I have less love these days for the process, but still am compelled to do so. Perhaps I’ll cycle back around again to “love”:)

    PS: Signing in anonymously. Something is wrecking my blogger and e-mail.

  3. Hang in there! You are such a source of inspiration. Just keep writing, and praying. Your time will come again. ;)

  4. Laura Drumb says

    I admire you, Cheryl, for trying, not giving up on submitting simply because of all the rejections. I haven’t even gotten to that point yet. Can’t get rejected if I never submit!! Seriously, freelance work is not my thing but even the one novel I submitted was not snapped up, either. So I can imagine how I’d feel in your place. Nice to know our Father never rejects us, isn’t it?? Just hang in there & I feel confident God will bless you soon with an acceptance & end your “dry spell”!

  5. Stay faithful, Cheryl. Your words are a blessing to me and many others. <3

  6. OOH, ow, I feel your pain, Cheryl. It takes a ton of strength and faith to keep going when the rejections are in abundance. Sometimes I wonder if I am even able to produce good things during those times, and often my prayer is for good ideas and better execution of those ideas. “nevuh nevuh nevuh give up” – even though your readers aren’t paying you for your blog, we LOVE to read your words!

  7. I just heard another writing say the exact same thing today. I can relate as well. Truth is your feelings are normal and your focus is superb. You will be blessed greatly for your perseverance and dedication to God and His will.

    In the mean time, I lift you to the throne sweet sister. For what it’s worth I love your writing. It blesses so many of us.

  8. You are earning heavenly rewards by the ministry of your blog writings even though I know it would be nice to have a little pay off this side of heaven. :)

  9. Hey gals, just wanted to pop in here and say thanks so much for all the encouraging words and support. So nice also to hear that the posts here on my blog are a blessing to many. Just hearing that is pay-off indeed! Thank you. You have each blessed me!

  10. Cheryl,
    Rejection is so tough and we all face it. The easy thing to do is quit and say, “Oh, well, I guess that wasn’t meant to be.” It takes courage and perseverance to keep on keeping on. I’m on the sidelines cheering you on! Your time will come.


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