Reunion Highlights

Is this a good-looking bunch or what?! I just had to share with you this prized keepsake from our family reunion. Believe it or not, this is a timed photo. Shawn (now designated our family photographer!) got us all arranged, focused the shot, set the timer, and ran for his spot at the top of the stairs. It only took a couple of tries, with everyone quickly “parting the waters” and then shifting back into position before we landed this picture. Pretty amazing, huh? I think I’ll chalk it up to the grace of God!

And speaking of the grace of God, He granted us an absolutely wonderful family reunion! He blessed with everyone being able to come, safe travel, good weather when we needed it, well-behaved kids, sweet fellowship, and last, but not least, lots of great photo opportunities :)

I can’t tell you how much I love this group of people. In fact, I get teary-eyed just looking at the picture. We enjoyed such great moments together this past weekend. The reunion was not just an “event”, it was personal. We got to hug each other again, introduce and embrace new family members, catch up on news, laugh and play games together, indulge in inside jokes and stories, makes scenes wherever we went, and pray together as we shared meals. (And yes, the tears are rolling down my cheeks now!)

One of my favorite moments happened quite spontaneously on our second evening together. We were about to call it quits for the day when my nephew Aaron brought up an infamous story from the early days of his Uncle Don’s and Aunt Cheryl’s marriage. That story still gets laughs every time. Before we knew it, more stories from the past were being recounted — for our own amusement, yes, but also for the benefit of those new to the family.

Kristin quickly realized that something extraordinary was taking place and whipped out their video camera to record this impromptu oral family history (thanks, Kristin!). Without consciously deciding to do it, we found ourselves keeping these stories alive for another generation. Definitely a highlight of our reunion, I would say.

It actually made me think of scriptures like Psalm 78:4 that exhort us to “tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done.” We need to keep our God-stories alive, too, don’t we?

I can’t help but wonder… Do you think perhaps we’ll be sitting around one day at that grand reunion in heaven telling stories on God? Reminding each other of the mighty things He did for us on earth? Imagine it with me now. Another reunion highlight. Thank You, Lord!

**For those of you who are trying to figure out who everyone is in the picture, here you go:
On the steps from the bottom up: Gavin (my sister Carolyn’s youngest), Lyndsey (my nephew Adam’s wife); Emmalyse (Adam & Lyndsey’s new baby!); then left to right going up – Cody (Carolyn’s oldest) and Adam (my sister Debbie’s son); Joanna (my sister Janice’s daughter) on the next row by herself; our daughters Kelli and Kristin next to my mom, Charlene;

Back row: Keith (Debbie’s husband), Samuel (Aaron & Monica’s son), my sister Debbie, our son-in-law Shawn, Monica (my nephew Aaron’s wife), Aaron (Debbie’s son); my sister Janice, my dad Duane, me, my husband Don, my sister Carolyn, and her husband Dave.


  1. Glad you had a great reunion.


  2. Wow! It was a great time. I wonder who will add the next member to the family? Carolyn

  3. Carolyn, of course Aaron & Monica’s baby boy is scheduled to arrive this August, but after that, I vote for Kristin & Shawn to make me a grandma! :) No pressure, you two :)

  4. What a great family photo! I’m glad you had a great reunion. Maybe at the next reunion, you’ll be a grandma!!

  5. Thanks, Lisa — glad you enjoyed the photo!

  6. Great photo Shawn and wonderful description and post for the reunion Cheryl. It was a wonderful and memorable time. It was well worth the effort to pull it off. I have been thinking about how excited we were a week ago. Week ago today we were pooped out from a day at SDC and celebrating Gavin’s birthday. Fun times.

  7. The reunion sounded like fun. I hope our family can do this soon. Thanks for the blogger info Cheryl.

  8. Debbie, glad you enjoyed the picture and post. I figured you would :) I agree — what a wonderful time we will always remember!

    Ruth, welcome to the comments section! I was glad to help. Don’t forget to go back to the June 1st post and sign up for the giveaway if you’d like a chance at the Blockbuster gift card.

  9. It was Fun. Guess I missed the old stories when Joanna and Cody were swimming.

  10. Janice, hopefully Kristin caught most of the stories and fun on video, and you’ll be able to get in on it yet. I think she may have taped the entire charades nonsense, too :)

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