Mother of the Bride – Needed and Loved

DSC_5906Mother of the Bride, when tension or uncertainty in your role pays a visit to you and your daughter during her wedding planning days, remember this: Your daughter needs you and loves you.

For some, days will come when you and your grown-up girl seem to be constantly at odds with one another. For others, you may even be unsure of what your role is and how involved your daughter really wants you to be. Whatever your particular situation, never doubt your importance to your darling daughter.

You see, no one else can truly take your place. Whatever your level of involvement, you are filling a deep need and desire in your little girl’s heart to share this special time with you. At a time when she’s getting ready to start a new family unit, you are the rock of her past and the support of her present. She still draws comfort, strength, and love from you. Yes, you are important.

Don’t let the little dramas of life rob you of the joys that are possible during these once-in-a-lifetime months. Remember—you are the mother of the bride. She needs you. She loves you. And she’ll forever remember the ways you are there for her.

*What can you do to diffuse any tension or uncertainty that tries to undermine the joy of it all?

*Photo by Will Flowers

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