It’s time for the Barkers to get out of town for a few days so I need to keep this short today. To be honest, I just wasted a lot of time looking for a picture for this post. Didn’t have any luck. Don’t you hate it when things like that happen? Forgive me for this pictureless post :)

We’re not traveling far. Just going to spend some time with family. No regular vacation for us this year since we already had one little getaway for our family reunion in May. Even though it won’t be for long and we’re not going anywhere exotic, it will be good to get out of town for a bit.

Everyone enjoys a change of pace and scenery every now and then. Jesus knew it was good to get away from time to time. At one point He said to his disciples, “‘Come away with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.'” (Mark 6:31b) Sometimes our vacations may not seem very restful, but I think there’s rest for our spirits in just getting away from our regular routines.

Do you have a getaway planned? Have you already had one? Leave a comment and let’s see where everyone has been this summer! We’re headed to Arkansas and then Missouri (good old Silver Dollar City!). How about you?


  1. Cheryl,
    Enjoy your time away. You’re right that just changing our scenery can completely change our outlook. And the great news about God is that He’s a wonderful traveling companion, if we remember to bring Him.

    I laughed at your story about your husband painting. Too funny! I could just hear him grumbling. Luckily we have a stucco house that doesn’t need painting!

    I agree that some chores are necessary but just dreadful. Like folding clothes, going grocery shopping and making dinner every night. (I guess that counts me out as a domestic goddess!) Luckily I have my strengths too! :-)


  2. Kelli, thanks for mentioning what a great traveling companion God is. What a great reminder to share it all with Him as we do our summer traveling.

    Glad you got a kick out of the Paint Man post :)

  3. I hope you have a wonderful trip with your family!

  4. Well, I don’t think there will be anything quiet about this weekend! :)

  5. 10 days and counting to Disney World. I don’t know who is more excited the kids or me! Carolyn

  6. Nancy, thanks for your well wishes — much appreciated!

    Kristin, you’re right. We’re at the end of our first day with you & it’s been a full one, but that’s okay — it’s been fun!

    Carolyn, so glad you guys are getting to take such a neat trip. Will look forward to hearing all about it. Safe travels!

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