Cheer On!

1509146427_c8a460c84b_zMany Wednesday and Saturday evenings during the winter find me and Don cheering on our local community college girls and guys basketball teams. Well, I cheer anyway. Don doesn’t get too excited, just a little clapping here and there. That’s okay, though. I make enough noise for both of us.

It’s probably a carryover from my high school pep club days. We wore uniforms, had our own special section at home games, rode the bus to “away” games, and “screamed our guts out” (an expression of the day) every Friday night. I’ve considerably toned my behavior down since then :), but I still love to whoop and holler and “oh, yeah!” at all the appropriate moments during the games we attend now.

This past Saturday night, the gym rocked as our biggest rival tried to defeat us on our home court (they beat us a few weeks ago when we played there). Our guys, usually conference champs who go on to nationals, have suffered several losses this season, but they weren’t about to let a long-time rival beat them at home. With home court advantage and a few hundred fans cheering them on, they outlasted this year’s conference leader and gave us all plenty to whoop and holler about. You know, edge of your seat excitement the whole game through. It was great.

Coaches and players everywhere will testify to the difference fans can make. Players are spurred on by the roar of the crowd. They thrive on the support. Sometimes the only thing that keeps tired athletes going are the shouts cheering them on that they hear from coaches, teammates, and, yes, their fans in the stands.

We all need that kind of encouragement in our own lives, don’t we? We need someone cheering us on. Think of the challenges you’ve faced over the years. Did someone’s encouraging words, faithful prayers, or exhortation to “hang in there” help you achieve your goals or see the challenges through to the end?

The support of family and friends has helped me time and again, but most recently, it has helped me persevere with my writing. Everytime someone shows an interest or tells me they’ve enjoyed something I’ve written or rejoices with me when something is published, I’m strengthened and encouraged to stick with it. Many of you have acted as my cheering section — thanks so much.

Let’s be watching for those who may need our support. Let’s be ready to be cheerleaders. If you’re the one who needs a little encouragement right now, consider yourself encouraged. May God strengthen and uphold you with His mighty power.

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up…” 1 Thessalonians 5:11

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  1. Cheryl. I just wanted to give you a little “cheer”! I really enjoy your blog and hope you are inspired to continue your postings. There have been several times I pulled up your blog and just happen to find a certain verse or story that I just really needed to see. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks, Lisa! Your friendship and encouragement mean so much to me. It truly is a blessing when I hear that something on the blog came at just the right time for someone. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. Hi Cheryl, I just found your blog, and agree that writers benefit from having some cheerleaders.
    I am a Christian writer, and I’d love you to visit my blog that has lots of gardening info. plus writing stuff.

  4. Hey Terra, welcome to my blog! Hope you enjoyed the visit and drop back by often! I’ll be happy to visit your blog — I’m not into gardening but am always on the lookout for “writerly” stuff :)

  5. Hi,Cheryl. Your post reminds me how important it is for us to cheer on those who we see the most, and who should mean the most to us, our husbands and our children. I read somewhere that most parents utter more (many more) negative comments each day to their children than kind encouraging ones. As far as husbands go, sometimes I feel badly that I remain silent when the opportunity presents itself to SAY something, and to be an encouragement.

    Thank you for the reminder.

  6. Thanks, Joyce — and thank YOU for the reminder to encourage those closest to us!

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