Confessions of a Choir Junkie

6553031375_cc47471709_zOkay, I admit it. My name is Cheryl, and I’m a choir junkie. I’ve been getting regular fixes for nearly 40 years now. At this point, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to quit.

Yes, I started young. Like so many others, I got hooked as a teen. It didn’t take long for church choir to become addictive. I couldn’t help it. I loved to sing. Still do. And not just the occasional choir special for a Sunday morning service. I go in for the hard stuff — the cantatas. Just this morning, in fact, our choir did our Easter musical for the Palm Sunday service. And by the way, I lost track a long time ago of how many cantatas I have under my belt. Probably close to 80 if you figure two per year — you know, Christmas and Easter both.

We choir junkies stick together. We have to. We need each other to really soar. I’m an alto, even though I’ve always wanted to be a soprano. I’ve always envied the gals in the choir who can get really high. But the rest of us — the altos, the tenors, the basses — sing harmonies that add a completely different dimension to our shared effort, that take us all to new heights. Yes, we need each other to achieve the most satisfaction, the most glorious highs.

Okay, silliness aside, know what gives choir members the deepest satisfaction of all? Giving and bringing glory to God as we lift our voices as one, as we use the talents and abilities He’s given us to honor Him and bless others. Isn’t He good to let us do that?

I’d say if I have to have a habit, choir’s a pretty good one to have, huh? How about you? Anyone else a choir junkie?

If you don’t love to sing, what do you love to do? Are you athletic or artistic? Maybe you love to bake or quilt or any other number of wonderful possibilities. I’d love to hear about some of the things God has given you a knack for — the things you really enjoy doing. Go ahead and brag on God a little. After all, we are His workmanship!

“For we are God’s workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works which God planned in advance for us to do.” Ephesians 2:10


  1. You got me started in choir when I was a teen, but that didn’t stick as long as my love for baking has! In fact, I just put some poppyseed bread in the oven! I love having the ability to treat my hubby (and other family and friends) to a special treat!

  2. Oh my gosh, Kristin — poppyseed bread! Mmmm! Sure wished you lived closer — and sure glad you love to bake and share :)

    You forgot to mention your amazing talent at the piano so I’ll mention it for you :) It’s okay for a mom to brag on her daughter, you know! :)

  3. Those of us who make a joyful noise when we sing are thankful for you choir junkies.

    You mention the altos,tenors and basses singing harmony with the sopranos…I immediately thought of the Body of Christ, all the parts working together to make 1 body.

    Have a great evening.

  4. And here I am envying you that you don’t have to hit those high notes and get to do the more challenging harmonies! :)

  5. Great post, Cheryl. I think I’m a picture junkie as in photo albumns. :)

  6. Wonderful post. I used to be a choir junkie myself. I dearly loved to sing. Then several things cropped up in my life and I was unable to devote the time needed and required for participation in choir.

    Shucks! I miss it. But you are right. There are so many creative ways to expresss God’s grace and our gratitude. Teaching, ministering in the nursery, witnessing, helping those who are ill, feeding those who are homeless, knitting prayer shawls, baking, writing, sketching, dancing, driving the disabled to appointments…

    However the Lord has gifted us, we can return that gift to Him by sharing it with others.

    Thanks for the reminder, Cheryl


  7. Annette & Jean, love your insights. Melissa, guess the grass is always greener on the other side, huh? :) And Debbie (aka picture junkie!), you know you’re my inspiration in trying to keep up with mine! :)

  8. First, I have to say the choir did a wonderful job on the cantata Sunday.

    My true love is baking. All my friends and family call me the dessert lady. Anytime there is a family gathering, I get a call for desserts. It really relaxes me to get into the kitchen and bake!

  9. No, I’m not a choir junkie, but always find myself involved around cantata time. This Easter is no different. I was roped into participation only recently, so I have some work to do between now and Sunday. God has given me a decent voice; I just find that with all the other “stuff” going on, I have little drive for another addiction. All that being said, I am ever so grateful for those of you who are addicted to singing God’s praises! We need you!!!

    Happy Easter week~elaine

  10. I love singing, too! Some of my best memories are of special choir programs–stage catching on fire, Jesus almost being dropped from the cross, Baby Jesus falling out of the manger and rolling down the aisle. Don’t you know God has to chuckle at our efforts?
    Great post, Cheryl!

  11. Hey Lisa, so glad you enjoyed our cantata on Sunday. And anytime you need someone to taste-test your goodies, I’m available :)

    Elaine & Vonda, loved hearing about your choir and cantata experiences. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Cheryl, this is hilarious! And so true, for many of us. You should submit this for publication with one of the church music publications. :-)

  13. Cheryl,
    How I wish I could sing! I think singing sounds like a wonderful way to spend your time. My daugther sings (don’t know where she got her talent) and I just love going to her concerts. It’s all so joyous and beautiful.

    Keep on singing!

  14. Thanks, Renae! I hadn’t thought about a church music publication. I’ll have to look into that…

    Kelli, I hope to keep singing for a long, long time — hopefully, I’ll know when the ole voice just ain’t what it used to be and it’s time to give it up! :)

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