Wedding Day Photo: A New Life Together Ahead


Mother of the Bride, here’s a dreamy and romantic wedding day photo to add to the list for the photographer. One that hints at the new couple’s future, one that makes us ask what must they be talking about, what must they be thinking?

This walking-away-into-their-future-together shot should be fairly easy to pull off regardless of the wedding or reception venues. If you’re lucky enough to have something picturesque like a bridge at or near your location, that could be perfect, but in all honesty, a good photographer can capture the couple’s stroll into the future on about any walkway or sidewalk at its most beautiful spot. If the new Mr. and Mrs. are holding hands and talking or looking at one another as they walk away, that’s what will make the photo anyway.

So why not show this idea to your daughter, MOB? Bet she will want a shot like this that will help capture her and her sweet guy’s dream for the future. So much possibility, so much emotion!

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*Flickr photo by Corey Ann, Creative Commons License

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