One-More-Chance Starbucks Giveaway


In honor of Valentine’s Day coming up in a couple of weeks and since this holiday is all about love, I’m going to give you another shot at winning a giveaway prize you all seem to love—a Starbucks gift card!

That’s right, the Starbucks giveaways I do here on my blog seem to get the biggest response of all. So since I love you all and want to give you what you love and since cold weather still has us wanting to curl up with a hot drink, I give you the One-More-Chance Starbucks Giveaway! One lucky commenter will win a $15 Starbucks gift card. Now whether you’ll splurge on hot drinks or pastries or one of each will be entirely up to you :)

To enter, just leave a comment on this blog post by 6 p.m (CST) Wednesday February 10th, and I’ll announce the winner in my midweek morsel post the next day. Any comment will do, but to make it more fun, why not tell me one of your favorite treats for Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s flowers, candy, a delicious hot drink, a night on the town, or something sparkly from the jewelry store, let’s have fun sharing some of our favorites. Me? It’s hard to choose, but I always love a night at the movies or some Harry & David Dark Chocolate Truffles.

And while we’re thinking about treats, let’s be sure to treat ourselves daily to the joys and comforts of God’s Word. That will be a sweet treat for our souls that will hit the spot indeed!

“How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” Psalm 119:103

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  1. My favorite Valentine’s Day treat is to just get away with my Travis. Even if it’s just to Joplin. I just like doing something different. I want to be in a different environment that makes me focus on the blessing that he is! This year we are taking a day trip to Bentonville!!! =)

  2. Karen Riekeman says

    I think I like the cards best, where Budg writes out how much he loves me. I treasure those.

  3. Laura Drumb says

    Since Gary & I got engaged on Valentine’s Day, it’s always been rather special to us to celebrate it in some special way. My choice would be an Italian feast somewhere romantic, since we had that for our first date & that’s when I fell in love with him!! I’m hooked on Starbuck’s syrups so would probably use the gift card on buying another one of those! Thanks for the chance to win this prize, Cheryl! And walk down Memory Lane for a few moments, too!

  4. Phyllis speer says

    My husband always got me candy, flowers and a card. I have the cards and the lid to the box of candy he gave me the month before he died. He always gave the girls the same. Cara said one year he gave her more roses than me. Ha. For Alicia he left it to John to pick up the mantle. Ha he was so romantic. I trained him well. Psalm 119. Great words

  5. Debbie Henry says

    I usually get roses which I love. :)

  6. We love going to the movies or a special dinner out. And really, we love just being casual and watching a movie at home eating Reeses Peanut Butter hearts :)

  7. Emily Smith says

    My husband and I like to eat dinner at home. We make it together and have a romantic candlelit dinner date in our favorite place. After dinner we grab blankets and drive to a clearing to park and lay under the stars. If the weather isn’t favorable, we stay home and watch a movie.

  8. I would love a gift card.

  9. I, of course, prefer a gift of flowers on Valentine’s Day! I do love flowers of all kinds. I am working on a slideshow for school with orchid photos I took. Even though some say flowers are boring, I think they are gorgeous creations.

  10. One of my favorite was when we were dating in college and we went out for breakfast before class. And I always appreciate how he gets me orange flowers; my favorite color! Now we enjoy taking the kids out to DQ for Valentine’s!

    • Ashley, love how you bring up how Valentine’s Day tends to change for us when we have kids and want to include them in Valentine’s Day fun. I’m sure going out to DQ is a hit with everyone! :)

  11. If I were to win I would take my hubby to Starbucks on our 60th wedding anniversary. We have never been there and this just might be our chance.

  12. Emily Tallant says

    Dark chocolate is the best! The darker, the better! :)

  13. I love it when my sweet husband will write me a special poem. They are always so heartfelt and I love it when he writes me one on Valentines Day. By the way awesome giveaway!

  14. Karen Burress says

    My favorite treat is the Reese’s hearts! Tim is taking me to see Phantom of the Opera at our dinner theater on Saturday night so it might become my favorite!

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