A New Adventure

As Kristin’s mom and dad and right-hand moving team (don’t get me started on how many times we moved her while she was in college), we got to be on-site this past weekend for the new adventure she and Shawn are traversing. Along with Shawn’s parents, we helped our kiddos load up their belongings, say good-bye to the first home they had known together, and then journey on to part two of their story as man and wife.

Leaving family, friends, and all that’s familiar to move to a new community hours away from loved ones is probably one of life’s biggest challenges — especially for sentimental types, like our girl Kristin, whose attachments run deep even after a short time. Books and kitchenware aren’t the only things that have to be packed during a move. Memories and desires have to be boxed up, too, and that’s much more difficult to do.

Once the letting go is past, though, the beginning again can start in earnest. And this is where Kristin and Shawn face an extra measure of challenge. Because of her commitments at the university, it will still be nearly a month before they can be together full-time in their new home. They’ve already faced over three weeks of seeing each other only on weekends while Shawn started his new job at Arkansas Children’s Hospital. In this regard, I guess you could say it’s been a rocky road to Little Rock :)

But it won’t be long now until that part of the journey is over. Soon they can settle into regular routines and begin navigating the challenges of a new community together. Lots of finding will be going on. Kristin will need to find work while they also find a new church, new friends, new doctors, a new hairdresser, a favorite new grocery store… and the list goes on. Hopefully, they’ll be able to sell their home in NW Arkansas soon and move out of the rental pictured above and into a permanent home in Little Rock. And yes, the old right-hand moving team will be at the ready again :)

Perhaps some of the rest of us are in the midst of a new adventure or having to begin again. We may be traversing our own rocky roads or having to box up memories and desires dear to our hearts.

Like Kristin and Shawn have done and will continue to do, I’m sure, let’s turn to the One who will make the journey with us each step of the way. Remember, He has promised, “‘Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.'” (Hebrews 13:5b). Our God is always at the ready. Let’s be sure to call on Him for each new adventure we face.

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  1. I’m really happy that things worked out for Kristin and Shawn. I’m sure that whole job-searching thing is very scary, and it must feel good that things are working out for them.

  2. Cheryl I liked your “rocky road to Little Rock” comment. Very creative.

  3. I understand the “packing up” aspect of moving, not just the tangible stuff, but the intangibles as well. It can be a painfully slow adjustment, both for a daughter attached to “home” and for the parents who watch her go. I’ll be thinking of you all and praying for you as the Lord prompts, especially in those times when my own life reminds me about home and my longing therein.

    These are also some times of incredible growth, excitement, and faith!


  4. Moving is hard and yet it sounds like they have the greatest support system ever! : ) Hope all goes well for them as they navigate the next little while.

  5. I thought we were through moving our daughter, but my husband moved her a few weeks ago. I think he really moved her for the last time. He was sore this time. Have a blessed weekend.

  6. I moved an hour and a half away from my hometown and all my family 14 years ago. I STILL miss being there! :)

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the family I have here (my hubster’s mom, brother and grandma). But I still miss my first home! :)

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