July Family Fun

*If you missed seeing Kristin’s bridal portraits, be sure to check out the previous post. Don’t want you to miss it!

The past few posts of Summer Photo Fun have taken a look back in time. This time I thought I’d share some of the family fun that’s been taking place this month. About 10 days ago, my sisters and I gathered at Mom and Dad’s along with my husband, Don, niece Joanna, and nephew Gavin. All of our family members weren’t able to be there, but the smaller group gave us all a chance to spend more time with one another.

The photo above shows us ready to chow down on our meals at Lambert’s, the restaurant famous for throwing hot rolls at you. And believe me, you want these hot rolls thrown at you. Yummy hot goodness and fun to catch at that :)

After we filled our bellies at Lambert’s, some of us tried to walk off the calories at Springfield’s Botanical Center and Gardens. What a beautiful area!

Even in the midst of such beauty, our gang finds a way to be silly. We can’t take photos without bunny ears appearing :) Look closely and you’ll see Gavin as the culprit behind his mom :)

After we’d been on the grounds awhile, Gavin found himself in prison :) Joanna was happily unconcerned and texting her friends :)

When we run out of fish food, we just offer them toes! :)

And one final shot from some earlier family fun in July — Kristin and Gavin sword fighting with ears of corn on the 4th of July at my sister Carolyn’s house. Call us crazy — but call us creative, too! :)

Hope you’re also enjoying some fun with your family this summer!

“Our mouths were filled with laughter, our tongues with songs of joy.” Psalm 126:2a

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  1. You do realize that you look exactly the same in every photo, right? That, my friend, is a skill. ;)

  2. Kirsten, maybe looking the same in every picture is due to the fact that I only post the ones I like :)

  3. Loved these and your captions. I especially liked the one of Gavin in jail. :) I knew Joanna gave you bunny ears but didn’t know Gavin was doing it to Carolyn, too. Fun times. Sooo glad I came to join in the fun.

  4. Looks like your gang had a great time. The bridal pictures were beautiful too!

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