Realistic December Wedding Planning

2926585439_b5c2e16d2c_zDecember wedding planning has a different set of rules, Mother of the Bride. And if you break them, sweet friend, you risk not only your sanity but probably a merry Christmas season as well.

A couple of weeks ago I urged you to give yourself a break with time management by saying no to some responsibilities and extra tasks and also by asking for help. But in December the guidelines change slightly. You certainly don’t want to ask anyone for help. Everyone is already overloaded with holiday tasks and events. And from what I hear, it’s not a good time to call on Santa’s elves either.

Saying no to some of your routine responsibilities is still a good idea, though, and if anyone dares to ask you, a mother of the bride, to take on an extra task during the holiday season, not only should they be blasted with a resounding are you crazy, they should also be sentenced to fifty lashes with a peppermint stick.

The main rule, though, for realistic December wedding planning, MOB, is postpone. Yes, postpone any and all wedding planning possible until January arrives. Remembering to live life apart from an all things wedding approach is always good advice but never more so than during the holidays. The holidays should be enjoyed—by you, by the bride and the groom, and by all those living life with you.

If certain tasks must be attended to—like securing a vendor or making a payment on time—do it as quickly as possible and get back to focusing on the special times to be enjoyed during the holidays. Be realistic, MOB, and grant yourself the grace December wedding planning rules afford. You won’t regret it.

*What wedding planning-free activities do you look forward to the most this month?

*Flickr photo by paperladyinvites, Creative Commons License


  1. I like the phrase “50 lashes with a peppermint stick” :)

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