MOB Dress Shopping Idea: An In-the-Meantime Dress

4500863458_fd8c9b5835_zMother of the Bride, have you started shopping for your dress yet? I know finding your own dress is probably way down on your list of priorities, but it must be done.

Don’t feel free to do it yet? I understand. After you’ve gotten all the vendors secured, helped find the bride’s and bridesmaids’ attire, helped with all the choices and orders for flowers, cakes, and food, made sure the invitations are ordered, and have taken care of a host of other time-sensitive tasks, you’ll finally feel free to hit the stores and find the dress that will make you shine on your daughter’s big day.

I wish I could tell you’ll find the perfect dress in the first place you shop, but truth is, some of you may have some difficulty. I faced challenges in finding my dresses for both of my girls’ weddings.

When you begin your dress quest, you may find that the colors available this season may not flatter you or coordinate with the bride’s color choices. You may not like the styles that have swept this particular season. Or you may just have bad luck finding your size in the dress you love.

Here’s a solution to help take some of the pressure off: Buy an in-the-meantime dress. Since you do indeed have to have a dress and if time is getting short, why not go ahead and purchase something that will work while you keep looking for the dress you’ll love? I did this on my first time around the MOB block.

If you buy an in-the-meantime dress, be sure to check the return policy. You don’t want to end up with the expense of two dresses when the overall cost of the wedding keeps climbing as it is. If the dress was on clearance, you might not be able to return it. But for most dresses, you may have anywhere from a month to ninety days to return the dress as long as you have the receipt and the tags are still in place.

Buying an in-the-meantime dress will give you the window of opportunity you need to find something you like better while setting your mind at ease. You’ll know you’ve got a back-up tucked up your MOB sleeve. Happy shopping, Mother of the Bride—and good luck!

*What’s the biggest challenge you’ve faced in finding your dress for the wedding?

*Flickr photo by imcountingufoz, Creative Commons License


  1. Betty King says

    I am a first time MOB, looking for a pant suit rather than a dress. But all that I find are just one color, pants, top and jacket. I want something with more colors, Where do I begin to look ? And is it appropriate to wear a pant suit, I am not a dress wearer at all. So frustrated and confused

    • Betty, welcome! I think dressy pants would be just fine. Many of the wide-legged style are dressy for evening wear and would be perfect for weddings, too. Dillard’s always has a great selection of dressy event clothes, and I bet they’d have the type of pants and top you’re looking for. You could mix and match to get more color as well. Good luck — and thanks for stopping by. Hope you’re finding my blog helpful!

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