Sculpted Pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns for Fall Wedding Décor

Mother of the Bride, is your daughter planning a fall wedding? If so, the fall season opens up all kinds of possibilities for colors, décor, and food. She and her groom can add just a light touch of fall or go all out and let it permeate nearly every aspect of the wedding.

One classic fall decoration that can be incorporated into evening wedding celebrations is the simple jack-o-lantern or the more detailed sculpted pumpkin. They can feature the couple’s names as pictured above, the wedding date, the couple’s initials, wedding messages, portraits and scenes, or even traditional jack-o-lantern faces. Not only will jack-o-lanterns and sculpted pumpkins add a touch of fall to the festivities, but they’ll add an atmosphere of fun as well as provide some great photos.

These delightful, glowing pumpkins can grace the entrance of the venue, be used as centerpieces, or add a touch of fall to the guest book table, cake tables, and photo tables. In fact, they can be used just about anywhere. You could even line several up, creating a special message for the bride and groom or even for the guests (giving direction to a certain area, etc.)

Why not suggest sculpted pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns to your sweet autumn bride-to-be, MOB? Who knows, the newlyweds may decide to make pumpkin carving one of their new family fall traditions!

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*Flickr photo by Phil Gyford, Creative Commons License

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