Christmas Fun with Julie Gillies (Plus our Giveaway Winner!)

Today’s post is all about fun — and Christmas fun at that! When I read fellow blogger Julie Gillies’ Dec. 5th post, I thought, “I like the way this gal thinks!” I asked her if I could share her benefits of dashing to and fro here on my blog, and she graciously consented. I’m sure you’ll be very glad she did :)

But first, a little Stocking Stuffer Giveaway fun — we have a winner! Congrats and merry sipping to Kirsten at Comfortably Domestic! I’ll get your Starbucks gift card to you as soon as you contact me with your mailing address. I pray the rest of you will have some fun surprises in store this month, too.

In fact, here’s one from Julie now. Enjoy!

The Benefits of Dashing To and Fro

I can zip my pants. This may not sound like earth-shattering news. But given the number of Christmas goodies I’ve already consumed this season, I assure you it’s no small feat.

In fact, this may even qualify as a Christmas miracle, since all my spare time has been sucked into the Holiday Vortex, along with my usual daily two-mile walks. I lamented my lack of exercise until it dawned on me: Wait one cotton-pickin’ minute! I am busy! And busy burns calories!

So, in the spirit of holiday giving, I joyfully offer my contribution to society at large: The Holiday Equivalents Chart. By my calculations, and according to this Official Chart, I can enjoy the many flavors of Christmas without loosening my belt even a tiny bit. And so, my friends, can you.

The Official Holiday Calorie Equivalents Chart

*Lugging holiday boxes from basement/attic/garage = 3 Powdered Pecan Balls

*Screaming from creepy crawlies in box = 2 Frosted Sugar Cookies

*Beating creepy crawlies w/ broom & cleaning up the mess = 1 Peppermint Brownie

*Driving to 3 Christmas tree lots in search of perfect tree = 1 Mug of Hot Cocoa

*Untangling aggravating Christmas lights = Cheeseball and ¼ box of Triscuits

*Tossing tangled Christmas lights and driving to store for new lights = 1 Candy Cane

*Taking out a 2nd mortgage to pay for Christmas tree =3 Pieces of Fudge

*Keeping up with the laundry in the midst of it all = Chips & Dip on a festive tray

*Toting child(ren) hither and yon to choir practice and holiday parties = 4 Mini pigs-in-a-blanket

*Constructing and decorating Gingerbread house = 25 Red & Green Peanut M&M’s

*Chasing wayward cat away from partially eaten Gingerbread house = 2 Homemade Chocolate-Almond Biscotti

*Attending 142 (or 9) Christmas play rehearsals = 9 Peanut Butter Kisses

*Brainstorming stocking stuffers for entire family = 3 Gingersnaps

*Composing witty yet meaningful Christmas letter = 2 Rum Balls

*Posing for annual holiday picture without blood or tears = 3 Christmas Oreos

*Shopping, shopping, shopping = 1 ½ cups Home made Chex Mix

*Waiting in line without Losing It = Handful of Spiced Pecans

*Baking umpteen thousand Christmas cookies = 4 Snickerdoodles

*Ranting at teen son (and friends) for snarfing most of cookies = 1 Piece Pumpkin Pie

*Wrapping Christmas presents until back spasms =1 Dinner Out OR ELSE

This concludes the annual milking of the system. With cookies, of course.

Thanks for the smiles, Julie!!

“…God…richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.” 1 Timothy 6:17b


  1. Hi Cheryl,

    Thanks so much for sharing my post–and hopefully a few smiles–this week.

    You are a blessing!

    ~Merry Christmas~

  2. OMGoodness! How hilarious! Now I don’t feel even the least bit guilty for dropping my daily walks in favor of hustle & bustle.

  3. That was great! As I sit here enjoying a couple of my chai snickerdoodles! No more guilt Thanks!

  4. You are so funny! Yep, I’m with you on the zipping up the pants concern. I’ve been a little worried about that, but so far so good. And back spasms while wrapping presents–I totally get that!!

  5. A back spasm totally counts as a crunch, right?!

    Anything for snickerdoodles. They give them away at my bank, so I keep wondering if depositing one penny per day (plus eating a snickerdoodle) will seem suspicious to anybody. : )

  6. What fun! Thanks for sharing Julie’s post.

    I think that typing this comment at least qualifies for one yummy treat! Cheryl, I hope that these few days leading up to Christmas are filled with peace and joy…and some Christmas treats.

    BTW…loved your Christmas poem.

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