Looking Back: A Wedding Party!

Are you up for one last Kristin and Shawn wedding related post as we continue Summer Photo Fun? I thought you might be :) There’s something about wedding pictures we never get tired of seeing, huh?

Sit back and enjoy a peek at our joy as we partied down after our little girl’s wedding on May 27, 2006. So much work went into the celebration, but it was so worth it. One of the best days of my life!

The mother and father of the bride arrive — ready to celebrate and enjoy the party that took months to plan and a few hours to unfold!


The new Mr. & Mrs. make their entrance to cheers and a room full of smiling faces — not the least of which is theirs!

A precious look of love during the dvd slide show depicting their lives and their love story. So glad the photographer captured this sweet shot.

Our girl — so happy! And no one deserves it more. She’s a sweetheart, if I do say so myself :)

Beautiful and delicious cannot begin to describe wedding cakes by Emeline of Nibbles Cafe. Definitely the highlight of the wedding feast.

The groom’s cake, featuring Shawn and Kristin’s Alma mater, fulfilled our dreams of chocolate indulgence. Absolutely divine :)

Shawn’s expression says it all. This cake sent you straight to heaven :)

Shawn managed to pop the cork a good one. Boys gotta have their fun, huh?

There was dancing and flirting… :)

There were photo ops…

There was shared laughter… And I love how Kelli’s laugh bubbles up with such inhibition. She’s my other sweetheart :)

And finally, there was a dream coming true… There was love, sweet love… And I’m happy to report they’re still in each other’s arms today. So proud of them! So happy for them!

“They ate and drank with great joy in the presence of the LORD that day.” 1 Chronicles 29:22a

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  1. Just brings tears to my eyes… seeing all that love crammed into a few photos. Good remembrance, friend. Keep it for always.


  2. What a fun journey back to the past. You are so right, you just never get tired of looking at wedding pictures.

    Don’t you look forward to the wedding feast we’ll attend in heaven when we, the bride, meet our groom. Can’t wait.

  3. What a beautiful reception! I love the fresh fruit buffet! Oh, and of course the cake. ;)

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