Looking Back: A Wedding Day

We’re back from an amazing week of vacation with our kids, and of course, I didn’t want it to end :) I’ll probably share pictures in a post next week, but for now we’ll jump back into Summer Photo Fun with photos from Kristin and Shawn’s wedding in 2006. Remember, those were my pre-blogging days so I’m allowed to share pics now :) I’ll share some shots from the reception in Wednesday’s post so don’t despair — you’ll get to see the cake! :)

Kristin and Shawn’s wedding day was one of the happiest days of my life, and Kelli and Jake’s was another. God has blessed us with two of the best sons-in-law in the world. You saw Kelli and Jake’s wedding here on the blog last year as it happened so hope you enjoy now seeing the wedding joy of Kristin and Shawn!

Getting the bride dressed was a group effort :)

First time I saw Shawn on wedding day. What a happy moment for both of us. We couldn’t believe the time had finally come. Such joy!

A few final touches by Kelli — sister, maid of honor, and make-up artist for a day! :)

Shawn talking with his mom right before the ceremony. Someone looks a little nervous :)

Don and I waiting our turn to light the unity candle. Yes, I wore silver for this wedding, too :) Both of my girls chose blue, and silver was what I could find (that looked good on me) to coordinate. They are different dresses, though :)

Time for the father of the bride to give his little girl away. He’s trying awfully hard to smile :)

A gorgeous ceremony site — Sharp Chapel at The University of Tulsa where Kristin and Shawn both got their undergraduate degrees.

Mr. and Mrs.! Both so happy to be married. Kristin was particularly exultant :)

The private after-kiss before everyone descended on them.

Ready for the rest of their lives together!

“…and the two will become one…” Matthew 19:5b

*Photography by Chris Humphrey

*Remember, the party pics will be in my next post so check back Wednesday evening or after for the rest of the story!

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  1. Thanks for posting these! Both of your girls had beautiful dresses! I love Kristin’s yellow bouquet. Perhaps my favorite of all flowers.

    You look great; loved your dress!


  2. can you believe it’s already been a year?!

    how lucky for your son in law to marry into a family so happy to have him.

  3. Sarah, these are wedding photos of our oldest daughter (not the one who was married last year), and they have been married for 5 years now! And that number is really heard to believe! :)

  4. Hi Cheryl…what nice wedding pics! I love the one of you seeing your almost son in law fir the first time on the big day. And what pretty colors! I’m glad you enjoyed your family time. :-)

  5. Kristin just radiates joy in these photos, as do the rest of you. What a blessed day.

  6. Kirsten, you’re so right about Kristin radiating joy — she did the same on her bridal portrait day. And what a beautifier joy is, huh?!

  7. Oh I love these!!! Such joy and beauty. I found myself tearing up at her dad walking her up the aisle and then the “we’re married” shot. :)

  8. Love it. Thanks for sharing. It’s so refreshing.

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