Sweet Victory

Remember the fun day (chocolate included, of course) I hoped to have in T-town this week with my daughters? Well…mission partly accomplished. Since we had to change our original date, Kelli couldn’t join us, but Kristin and I did our best to carry on without her. (Even though you can’t tell it from this picture, Kelli, we really did miss you!)

As usual, we had too much we were trying to accomplish in one day, but we planned The Cheesecake Factory as our last stop. That’s goal enough to keep anyone going. As long as we knew we were getting dessert at the end of the day, we really didn’t care what we ate for lunch, as was evidenced by a quick stop at Arby’s a little after 2 o’clock.

And why such a late lunch? Well, if a girl’s shopping for shorts, she can’t try those on after she eats, can she? Kristin wanted to make it to Old Navy before lunch, and we couldn’t help it that DSW happened to be right on the way :) By the time we reached those places, though, we had already stopped at Kohl’s, Michael’s, Shoe Carnival, and Bridal Palace (talk about deja vu! And no, Kelli’s not getting married, but Kristin is a bridesmaid later this summer. Yea, Emily!!)

Also of note, I found out I still manage to embarrass Kristin without even trying. When a lady at Shoe Carnival announced over the loudspeaker a special sale going on in one corner of the store, I guess I asked too loudly, “Where did they say those sale shoes are?” I’m sorry, but I didn’t realize I was supposed to whisper things like that so as not to draw any attention to my daughter :) She was plenty happy to have me speak up later in the day, though, when one of her purchases rang up on the register for more than the advertised sale price. Good ole’ Mom came through again, huh, Kristin? :)

I realize I’m rambling a bit with this post, but that’s what we did that day — lots of rambling, from one thing to another to another. All of it very carefully balanced, however, around our end goal of chocolate dessert! Ah, sweet victory :) The picture above says it all.

Let me offer something of substance, though, to balance out my sweet and silly chocolate talk. Remember Paul’s words in the third chapter of Philippians — the ones about pressing on? He said, “…Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead, I press on toward the goal…” It seems like I heed his advice pretty well where chocolate is concerned, don’t I? What about more serious goals, though — for both me and you? Is our desire for them strong? Are we pressing on, even straining, to reach them? Let’s get back on track if we need to. Let’s press on. Sweet victory surely awaits us if we don’t give up.

**p.s. For you chocolate lovers out there, the dessert was the Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake :) Very yummy, but, Teri, I think I liked their Black-out Cake we had in December even more :)


  1. Yummy. Wish I had been there to help you eat the cake. Don’t know about all that shopping, though. Sounds like you had a fun day after all. Cute picture. I like that picture much more than the one you e-mailed me today having to do with someone’s feet! :)

  2. I wish you could have been there, too, Debbie. That would have given us the perfect excuse to order two desserts instead of one :) We actually considered getting one each, and it’s a good thing we didn’t — the Chocolate Tower Truffle Cake was gynormous!

  3. Cheryl, don’t forget. That’s what mom’s were put on earth to do: embarass our children!!! Sounds like you had a great day!

  4. When I never take time for shopping, it leaves too many things to look for in one day! We’ll definitely have to have another shopping day this summer, and make sure Kelli can come and no bad weather is in the picture.

  5. Hi, I jumped over here from lpl
    Just wanted to comment on the Pit thing! :) I love that game! It is a family fav and has been in the family since its beginnings. Every christmas we clear the table and break out pit.

  6. I love the chocolate cake picture!!! It sounds like you guys had such an awesome day with a sweet and delicious ending! :)

  7. Cheryl, welcome to my blog! So much fun to meet people through other blog comments, isn’t it? Come back anytime!

    Lisa,thanks for reminding me that I’m doing a bang-up job of being a mom since embarassing them is part of our job description :)

    Kristin, I’m already looking forward to a day that we can actually get together with Kelli, too. Think we can talk her into something chocolate? :)

  8. Hi Emily! Just saw your comment right after I posted mine. You know us and chocolate, don’t you? :) After all, you are the one who introduced Kristin and me to The Chocolate Bar in your city :) Mmmm good!!

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