The Key

We looked for the key high and low. Okay, I take that back. We looked high.

Last Sunday, my Sunday School co-worker Mary and I couldn’t find the key to our closet. Since I’m the keeper of the key and had been out of town the prior Sunday, Lisa (another co-worker then) had placed it in the cabinet above the sink so it would be there for me when I returned.

The problem? Lisa was not there last Sunday, and we didn’t know exactly where in the cabinet she placed it. My first attempts at looking and feeling around yielded no results. Next we started pulling items out of the cabinet and found everything but the key (not wasted effort — it needed to be cleaned anyway). We decided Lisa must have meant to leave the key and then forgot to put it in the cabinet.

While we were involved in this search-turns-into-cleaning-project, Alyssa, our lone little student that day (we teach in the nursery), had been happily having a snack and playing. Even though I had taken the Bible out of the cabinet first thing and placed it and the pictures for that Sunday’s story in the same spot I do every week, it was midway through our class time, and Alyssa still hadn’t wandered over and “found” our Bible. I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands.

“Alyssa, where’s our Bible?” I asked. I knew that’s all it would take to send her hurrying over to find the Bible so we could begin our weekly singing of The B-I-B-L-E. As always, I patted the Bible and pointed to each letter as we sang the song. After our customary clapping and yays, Alyssa opened the Bible, and what do you think we found there? That’s right. The key!

Mary and I laughed and wondered why we hadn’t looked there first. Of course, the Bible held the key! Immediately we started tossing out truths we could teach the kids in the future, while hiding a key in the Bible on purpose.

We could teach them about finding treasures in the Bible. We could teach them that the Bible holds the key to eternal life. We could teach them that the key to wisdom for every situation they’ll enounter is found within its pages… And then we remembered we teach one and two-year-olds :)

We laughed again, realizing these truths were a little too abstract for our little ones. In fact, they were suited better to us.

So to all of us, let me pose these questions. Have we found the key to eternal life in the Word of God? Do we mine its pages looking for treasures? Do we seek wisdom from the Bible for our everyday lives and the perplexing situations that arise? Do we hurry to the Bible with excitement the way little children do?

“Oh Father, send us running to your Word each day!”

“When your words came, I ate them; they were my joy and my heart’s delight, for I bear your name, O LORD God Almighty.” Jeremiah 15:16

*Flickr photo by ~Brenda Starr~, Creative Commons License


  1. What a great story!

  2. Sooooo funny. I told Mary I would put the key in the Bible, but I also said I would send you a message and let you know…..oops!!!! I forgot! I’m so glad my forgetfulness was an inspiration for you. I’m seeing a pattern here… first a poem and now this. I’d say we make a good team!

  3. Hey, I liked this, too!

  4. How hilarious! Glad you found your key!

  5. How precious and funny too. Glad you found the key in the KEY.

  6. Excellent story! Reminds me of one I heard years ago about a father who wanted so desperately to see his son saved but he rejected every attempt to share Christ with him. The day came that the father was to give his son his graduation gift & the son had been hinting that he wanted a particular car. The father had been adamant that this was out of the question but that he had something else far more valuable to share with him. The day came & the father handed the son a Bible. “The gift is in here, all you ever need for every question you have, every crisis you will face.” The son was furious & refused to even take the Bible, stomping out & never speaking to his father again. The day came when the father died & the son finally came home. He reluctantly picked up the Bible his father had tried to give him so many years before & opened it up to find a set of car keys & the title to the car he had dreamed of getting! With great regret, the son realized how much his father had loved him, after all, & how much he longed to give him what he wanted. All he had asked was the son be willing to open the Bible first. And of course, that is what God wants us to do, too. Sounds to me like you have instilled that lesson well into your precious little one – good job!! And now are reminded of that lesson yourselves. What an impact this made on me – thanks for sharing!

  7. Hey ladies, so glad you all enjoyed the story so much and for the impact it made on you, Laura. So wonderful to hear!

    Lisa, nice to know our forgetfulness can serve a purpose, huh? :) And you’re right — we’ve made a great team over the past few years. At least we’ve been stars with 1 & 2 yr. olds! :)

  8. I’m a constant reader of God’s Word; that being said, I’ve only recently rediscovered the desire, energy, and passion for the find. This past desert season burned up a lot of my zest. Healing is coming slowly and with it, a new found love for the words that gently and tenderly rescue my soul!


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