Taking the Leap: A Goal Fulfilled

Fulfilling a goal many times requires taking small, gradual steps. Other times, however, it demands a giant leap. I took such a leap two weeks ago.

Since my former critique partner decided she could no longer critique for me, one of my writing goals (and ongoing prayers) for the past couple of years has been to find a new critique partner or group. Even though I’ve known having other writers read and make suggestions on my writing is essential to turning out my best work, I’ve been hesitant to take the plunge and get involved in a new critique situation. Why? Fear of the unknown.

For one thing, it would mean learning a new computer skill. I hate to admit it, but I hadn’t yet learned how to insert comments into attached documents emailed to me. I didn’t know if I would be able to figure out whatever method a new critique group might require.

Also, since I don’t live in a metropolitan area, I knew my chances of finding an in-person critique group were pretty slim. The other option would be an online group, but the thought of joining an online group that would include strangers didn’t really appeal to me.

Not only could it be uncomfortable communicating with strangers, it could get especially tricky when pointing out weaknesses or offering suggestions on their writing. I was also concerned about getting into a situation where I didn’t know the level of experience the other members might have.

Still, I knew I needed a critique group if I hoped to improve my writing and my chances for publication. It was time—no, past time—to set my fear of the unknown aside and join an online critique group. It was time to take the leap.

And so, after seeking the Lord’s guidance, I joined the FCW online critique group. I have to say it felt GREAT to finally fulfill this particular goal of mine. I’ve already had one piece critiqued and offered critique as well, and now I’m kicking myself for not having taken the leap earlier. I can already see that this group will be a huge help to me—and I know some of the members as well since I attend the group meetings in Tulsa.

How about you? Anyone need to take your own leap of faith in order to fulfill one of your goals? Don’t let fear of the unknown (or any other fear) hold you back the way I did. Seek God’s leading—and then leap away!

“‘. . . The righteous will live by faith.’” Romans 1:17b

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  1. BRAVE!! really, really brave. i know in my heart of hearts that critiques are what make us better, but man oh man do i hate them… if i’m honest, i’ve avoided any sort of immediate peer group with photography because i’m afraid someone will say, “you’re actually not very good because of xyz.” and that “xyz” will actually be legitimate grounds for why i’m not good and that will make me feel embarrassed and unworthy. i’m so impressed with your bravery. keep us posted!

  2. Thanks, Sarah, for the support. We definitely become vulnerable when we open ourselves to critique. I guess if we’re shown our weaknesses, though, it gives us a chance to change them and move forward. I say go for it and find a group of your own. Like me, bet you’ll be glad you did! And by the way, I think your photography is beautiful!!

  3. Hoo-boy! Did we ever just take a leap, and I am surprisingly calm about the whole thing. Don’t get me wrong–I have moments of panic, but jumping in and following where God has been leading us is less stressful than the avoidance tactics. ;)

  4. So glad you found a group. I wasn’t aware of FCW. Glad to know of them now.

    Keep up the good work!

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