Wedding Favors That Grow: Tree Seedlings!


Mother of the Bride, has your daughter considered tree seedlings as a wedding favor? If she would like to gift your guests with something that will last long beyond the wedding party, tree seedlings could be the perfect choice.

Here are three great reasons tree seedlings are great options as favors:

1) They are not only gifts for the guests but also gifts to the environment. You will feel good about providing them, and the guests will feel good when planting them.

2) A tree seedling can be incorporated into the wedding ceremony with a little creative thought. They can be quite symbolic and meaningful.

3) They can be planted in honor of the couple’s marriage and become a living reminder of their new family and the beautiful day they were united in marriage.

For more reasons to offer tree seedlings and for ideas and instruction on presentation, check out “Wedding Trees for Weddings and Corporate Events” on . You’ll find lots of helpful information in the article.

And one more thing, MOB—tree seedlings can fit in especially well décor-wise with winter weddings, but they can be used year round. The article on will explain what types of trees work best at which time of year.

So why not give a favor that grows? Everyone will enjoying going green!

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*Flickr photo by Midwest Family Life, Creative Commons License

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