Book Launch Giveaway for Mother of the Bride!

IMG_8433The official launch day for my book Mother of the Bride is finally here! The book has been available in limited supply on online sites already, but with the arrival of July 1st, it will now be widely available both online and in stores. I’m so excited!

To celebrate the launch of my dream come true, how about a super fun giveaway? The winner will receive a signed copy of the book as well as some other special gifts—a to-die for Peppermint Latte bar of Beigetone Soap (hand-made by my friend Nancy Douglas), a jar of True Blue Spa 60-Second Manicure Hand Scrub from Bath and Body Works, a bottle of OPI Nail Polish in the Hawaiian Orchid shade, a beautiful Butterflies Journal by Peter Pauper Press, and also the decorative container pictured above. You certainly don’t have to be a mother of the bride to win this giveaway, but I’ve designed it in honor of all mothers of the bride out there who deserve to be pampered in the midst of all their wedding planning.

But first, here’s a brief description of Mother of the Bride:

Mother of the Bride will help MOBs step away from the hurried pace of daily life complicated by a demanding new role. It will offer them the refreshment found in discovering community as they take time for themselves time to be encouraged, to gain helpful insight and practical tips, and to enjoy the feminine beauty of a book designed just for them.

Through essays featuring relevant quotes or Scriptures, personal stories, nuggets of wisdom, simple suggestions for personal pampering, journaling opportunities, communication aids, and practical tips for wedding planning, Mother of the Bride will nurture the all-important but too often neglected mother of the bride.

Mother of the Bride is the perfect gift and resource for mothers of the bride. The vendor worksheets alone (found at the back of the book) are themselves worth the price of the book. Why not make it your go-to gift for mothers of the bride you know—both now and in the future!

You may buy the book on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and, and it will be available in bookstores as well. To find out more about the book, check out


Now for the giveaway. Here’s how it will work:

*1 entry for leaving a comment on this post here on my website. The ones on Facebook are greatly appreciated, but to be entered in the giveaway, you must leave a comment here.

*2 entries for Liking my Cheryl Barker, Writer Facebook page (tell me in the comments.) If you’ve already Liked the page, just say so. That definitely counts!

*3 entries for sharing the giveaway on Facebook or Twitter (tell me in the comments and include the link where you shared.)

*4 entries for subscribing to Life Notes, my free quarterly inspirational newsletter (tell me in the comments but be sure to confirm your subscription when you get a confirmation email.) Sign-up is to the right under “Free For You”. If you’re already a Life Notes subscriber, you bet that counts. Just mention it in your comment.

*Giveaway is open to US residents only due to customs and mailing costs.

*Drawing will be done by Random.Org.

Enter by noon CST July 20th, and I will announce the winner in my July 21st posts here and on my Mother of the Bride Blog as well.

I won’t be posting here again until July 21st. Yes, that’s a long blogging break, but I want to leave this post front and center for a while so everyone will have a chance to see it and enter the giveaway. Plus, I will also be taking a trip with my sisters—a first for us!—so I want to concentrate on enjoying that special time with them. In the meantime, why not enjoy some of the inspiration and encouragement found in previous posts? Look under Favorite Posts to the right for some posts you might especially enjoy.

And now, good luck to everyone! I will see you here again on July 21st!

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  1. Amy Lumley says

    My brother is getting married this fall! This would be a great read!

  2. Amy Lumley says

    Liked your facebook page :)

  3. Amy Lumley says

    Subscribed to your newsletter!

  4. Susan Best says

    Congratulations, on your book launch and much luck for you too.
    Shared, newsletter sign up :)

  5. Have a great time with your sisters. My church library would love this for the mothers-of-the-bride.

  6. Juanita Handshumaker says

    Not a MOB, but would like to have a copy of your book.
    Like your facebook page
    Subscribe to your newsletter.

  7. Cheryl…

    Congratulations! I am so proud of you and the hard work you’ve done. Your book is a fabulous resource and one I will be gifting to friends again and again. No need to include me in this give-away.

    Blessings and peace,

  8. Janet Stussy says

    Congratulations on the book release! What a sweet giveaway! Hopefully one day- I will be the mother of the bride!!

  9. Congratulation on your book! You so deserve this. I already like your Facebook page and also follow you on Instagram.

  10. I have a daughter getting married in September. Perfect timing! Liked and shared your Facebook page, Twitter and signed up for newsletter.

    A much needed book!! Congrats.

  11. Congratulations!! The book is wonderful!

  12. So excited for you and your new book, Cheryl! You wrote and rewrote and edited and wrote again, and the Lord brought you a publisher! Yay, God!

    I’m leaving a comment here, I’d already liked your new Cheryl Barker, Writer FB page, I shared it on my FB page (, and already receive your Life Notes. :-) I pray God’s richest blessings on your projects!

  13. Melinda Jones says

    Can’t wait to read it!

  14. I’m jumping for joy with you today, Cheryl. I’m nodding my head “yes” to #1-4 above. Have done ’em all. ;-) Best wishes, friend.

    I have completed all of the above! Thank you for the opportunity!

  16. Laurie Whiteman says

    This is good news! Thank you❤️❤️❤️

  17. My daughter is getting married next month!

  18. Linda Cornett says

    Liked your facebook page, signed up for newsletter, and shared this.

  19. Sherri Eaton says

    I like your Facebook page and shared your page also:)

  20. Carol Moorman says

    So excited for you! Definitely not a mob but just want a copy of your book!

  21. Patricia Brown says

    Congratulations on your new book & the best of luck.

  22. I am going to share this opportunity with a special Facebook Group of AZ ministers wives. :)

  23. Tammy Nelson says

    This sounds like a great book, that I will probably be needing in the next year. :)

  24. Tammy Nelson says

    Liked your page
    Shared the giveaway
    Subscribed to the newsletter
    I love the cover of the book.

  25. Teri Robinson says

    I did it all….can I say, I’m a big fan?!? I know who I would bless this basket with!

  26. Cheryl, wasn’t it a heart-stopping moment to open the first box of books and see the real deal? I’m proud of you and excited too. Yes, I subscribe to Life Notes.

    I hope your sister-trip is as wonderful for you as mine was for me. (Israel with my younger sister and her church, back home yesterday.) Sisters are such a precious gift.

    • Jana, yes, it was WONDERFUL finally seeing the real deal. Thanks for being proud and excited for me! :) Glad you made it home safe and sound and had a wonderful time. Can’t wait for the adventure with my sisters!

  27. JoEllen Aviles says

    I have a sweet sister-in-law who will be the mother of the bride to her only daughter soon. This book would be a meaningful gift!

  28. interesting sounding

    already subscribe

    + 1 comment on blog
    + 4 newsletter subscriber

  29. Tammy Thompson Drake says

    How Fun, Thank you for your beautiful gift of writing, looking forward to this!!! Great way to enjoy the summer! God Bless!

  30. Congratulations on your new book, Cheryl. The cover is beautiful and it sounds like a wonderful resource for mothers of the bride! Blessings and I hope you have a wonderful vacation. ~Rachel

  31. Congrats. Hope to win. Sounds like a great read.

  32. Congratulations!!!!! So excited for you :) The book looks awesome and the basket is beautiful! Blessings!!!

  33. Carla Herring says

    I bought the book and loved it. Wish I could have read this before I was a MOB twice! I love the quotes and the pages provided to write down your own thoughts at the end of each chapter. It would be fun for you and your daughter to revisit those pages years later. This would make a great gift for any mothers of the bride you know! Thanks Cheryl for such a beautiful gift from the heart!

    • Carla, so glad you loved the book! And I love your idea for mom and daughters to look back at the journaling pages years later. The journaling feature really helps make the book a keepsake, doesn’t it? Thanks for sharing!

  34. Joanna Hoy says

    So proud of you Aunt Cheryl! It’s an amazing book!

  35. Karen Burress says

    Here’s my comment! I already like your writer page and Lifenotes. I will share on my FB page. Thanks Cheryl!!

  36. I’m so excited to see this new book! I’ve prayed for years for my children’s future spouses because I want to be a blessing to them. I can’t wait to check this out!

    • Carrie, so glad you’re excited about checking out my book! I’m sure God will honor your prayers for your children’s future spouses. That’s one of the best gifts we can give them!

  37. Tina Myatt says

    Your book sounds amazing! Don’t know if I have time to read it before my daughter’s wedding on July 23rd. It will be great to relax after the wedding events.

    • Thanks, Tina! Sure wish my book had come out just a little earlier so you could have read it during the months leading up to your daughter’s wedding. Hope all goes beautifully — and yes, plan to relax at some point after the 23rd! Good luck!

  38. Carie Roth says

    I am a mob! Please put my ne in the drawing!

  39. Well done, Cheryl. I’m so happy for you – reaching publication stage on your writing journey is such a proud moment. I’ll share on Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word about your book. And I’ll share with my blog readers this weekend. Happy writing, happy publicizing and wishing you every success with this wonderful book.

    • Thank you so much, Mairead — for rejoicing with me and for your help in spreading the word about Mother of the Bride. So much appreciated. Fyi, I leave with my sisters this weekend on our sisters trip so I may not be able to interact with your blog readers in a timely fashion, but I’ll check in when I can. Thanks again!!

  40. This is a beautiful gift that I would love to win for my sister whose daughter is getting married in January! I have like your page, posted on Twitter (, and subscribed to the newsletter. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  41. I dread the day my daughters get married. :) I have liked your page!

  42. Maria D. says

    Wow, what a great idea! This seems like a wonderful gift for my mom.

  43. My mum would love this! She is such a big help, and we have just been engaged a month! Also liked & shared on Facebook, and subscribed to Life Notes. Warm wishes!

  44. Julia Clarke says

    This would definitely be a wonderful gift book. I would love one for myself too. I have already liked your page on Facebook. I have subscribed to the newsletter too.

  45. Wonderful idea! Thanks for providing this resource!

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