Centerpiece Idea: Mirror Magic

JWF_5441Mother of the Bride, one of the quickest ways to dress up a centerpiece or take it to a whole new level is to set it on a mirror. That’s right, build on a mirror, and you’ll double the size and beauty of whatever centerpiece idea your bride-to-be daughter has chosen.

Using a mirror is especially effective if candles are part of the centerpiece. Candlelight adds beauty wherever it’s used, but reflect it in a mirror and you create magic.

Flower petals scattered around the centerpiece also add delight as well as depth. The mirror multiplies the scattered petals into a host of curves and color.

Brainstorm these and other ideas with your daughter—let your creativity and imagination run wild. Start with the magic of a mirror and go from there. A beautiful centerpiece is just around the corner!

*Bonus tip: Check with your venue’s event coordinator to see if they happen to have mirrors for use on the tables. Save money every chance you get! :)

*What other centerpiece idea would work well on a mirror?

*Photo by Will Flowers

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