New Territory

I’ve been walking in new territory since last month. Didn’t intend to — just stumbled upon it by accident really. I could have turned and gone another way, but the challenge and excitement over the possible outcome drew me down the new path.

So what am I up to? I’m developing a Bible study for writers. And no, I’ve never done anything like this before, but like I said, it was more or less an accident. When my regular Bible study group adjourned for the summer, I decided to find a writers’ Bible study and do it on my own. My search turned up only two possibilities, and I had already done those. Disappointed, I thought, well I guess I could try to come up with my own study. Of course, that’s all it took to get my writer brain whirling, and the rest, as they say, is history. Or in this case, barely history and still in progress.

In fact, I’m sure it will be in progress for quite awhile. I’m only giving as much time to it as I would any other Bible study. I don’t want to neglect my other writing projects. I figure I can work on it slowly but surely and possibly seek publication for it someday. I’ve already asked a few of you to pray for me in this new venture, and those of you I haven’t asked yet, consider yourselves asked now. I’m sure I’ll need all the help I can get :) Just teasing — I certainly know where my help comes from. “My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth.” (Psalm 127:2) And He is fully able.

Is there some new territory beckoning you right now? Something new you should try? Granted, the prospect of the unfamiliar can be a little scary for us at times, but let’s not let that hold us back. Just think of all the good things that can happen when we expand our horizons — personal growth in skills, character, or faith; new groups of people that we can relate to or help; new places to experience; maybe even a new career. The list goes on.

So go ahead. Stumble into it if you have to. Let the challenge and excitement of the possible outcome draw you into your new path. The Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth, stands ready to help you. Tell me about it, if you’d like. I’ll pray for you if you pray for me! :)

**By the way, I finished reading The Shack (mentioned in previous post). I’ve heard there’s some controversy over it in the Christian community. You can read more about it at For me, there was much about the book I really liked, but I also had some concerns. I mentioned my main concern in the comments section of the previous post if you’re interested.


  1. Cheryl,
    Thanks for stopping to visit. I’m just back from She Speaks. It was an awesome experience, but I’m exhausted. I’m looking forward to sorting it all out tomorrow.

    Congratulations on your new adventure. I pray that God really guides your thoughts and illuminates His word as you write your Bible study.

    BTW, I saw the writer’s devotional at the conference and had a chance to glance at your article. Congratulations on getting published!

    I enjoyed your comments on the Shack. I liked parts of it, but diskliked way more. I agree with your comment about the writer putting words in God’s mouth that don’t seem to line up with what’s in the Bible. To me the God character(s) were a blend of what we know to be true about God and wishful thinking of who we want God to be. Since there’s so much buzz about it, its good just to be able to participate in the conversation.


  2. Kelli, glad you enjoyed the conference! I need to go to one, too, and hope to make it to one sometime in the next few months. Glad you saw the devotional book for writers — and thanks for the congrats!

    Thanks also for sharing your thought on The Shack. I thought you might see the same problem(s) with it that I did. Even from the writing point of view, I thought it bogged the story down to have so much commentary stuffed into the dialogue. Actually, I almost felt tricked by being pulled in by the story to then listen to what basically amounted to a lot of preaching. So far I haven’t tackled fiction, but I was under the impression that that was kind of a no-no… I really did like the loving picture of God, though, and all the tenderness displayed.

    Hey, did you notice the link to your blog that I added to mine? Let me know if you’d like your name listed differently, okay?

  3. I thought I would mention what I thought were a couple more good points about The Shack for any of you reading the comments. Don’t want to neglect to mention those. The story really was very compelling and imaginative, and the descriptions were vivid and rich. I’m sure many of the images will stay with me for a long time.
    I’m just hoping that some of the things said that didn’t square up with scripture won’t lead some down a wrong road…

  4. Cheryl,
    Thank you for adding my link to your blog. It is a privilege.

    I am thrilled about your “New Territory” and will indeed pray for you. Though I write, I don’t consider myself a writer. A secretary for God is what I prefer to think. This mindset brings about less pressure and more submission, just the way I like it. Having said that, I still seek writing tools and education. Your work is very valuable!

    Keep us posted on your progress!

    In Him,

  5. Cheryl,

    I’ve dived into some new territory also. Three of us writers are organizing a writer’s conference this fall for Christians who write for children. Please pray with us for God’s direction and provision.


  6. Nancy, “God’s secretary” — what a wonderful way to look at writing! Thanks for sharing that and also for praying for me and my new territory.

    Jean, best of luck with your conference. Sounds exciting — and I’m sure a lot of work! :) Will be praying for you.

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