Showered with Love

Our family was showered with love this weekend as family and friends gathered for a bridal shower for Kelli. Not only were Kelli and Jake blessed by the wonderful gifts given in love, I was blessed by those who joined in our time of celebration. After all, when someone shows love and kindness to my kids, they show it to me as well. I bet you other moms feel the same way, right?

A special thanks to each and every one who showered my baby girl and her intended with love. You are now a part of their story!

“I will bless them… I will send down showers in season; there will be showers of blessing.” Ezekiel 34:26

*Photo (left to right): Long-time family friends Teri & Stephanie, Kristin (Kelli’s sister and matron of honor), the MOB!, and Rene (friend of Kelli’s since kindergarten).

**As we continue to celebrate big time this week, my posts might be a little different than the norm as I try to keep up with our busy schedule. Hope you enjoy!


  1. What a lovely group of ladies! :)

  2. You all are just beautiful and the decorations are lovely as well. What a wonderful time for everyone.

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. it’s starting!! actually starting! how exciting!!

  4. Pass along a piece of that cake and the pink thingies please. I adore cake of any kind, but especially wedding cake and shower cakes! How wonderful to know and feel the love of friendship in this season. Enjoy it sweet sister! I know you are proud.


  5. You are finally reaping some of fruit of all the hard work and planning. What a wonderful celebration. And it’s only the beginning. Enjoy this special weekend.

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