Childhood Days

Before finishing out Time for Photo Fun later this month, I thought you might get a kick out of seeing some prehistoric photos — shots of me as a baby and preschooler :) Don’t hold the cuteness against me :)

Mom is holding me in the photo above, and below, my older sister Debbie has the audacity to look cuter than me in the same shot :)

Next, we move into our matching dress phase…

…which we happily continue for only a few short years.

I show my true colors in the shot below, and then…

…before long have to go into the witness protection program with my younger sister, Janice. Not the only time she’s suffered for my wrongdoing unfortunately… :)

Hope I made you smile today :) Have a great rest of the week!

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**Don’s mom had to go back into the hospital last week. They are treating her for a blood clot again, but she has developed another problem as well. They are trying to find the right balance of medications so that she can go home soon. Sure would like life to slow down for us before long…


  1. You DID make me smile and brought back some good old memories as well. Like the couch from the 50’s looks so familiar and the baby cradle. What fun strolling down memory lane.

  2. Loved them! You are hilarious. You actually made me laugh out loud. :)

  3. i feel right at home when i look at these old photos of yours…somehow, that is no surprise!

  4. Janice (have come out of hiding) says

    Great captions, Cheryl; but then, you are “Cheryl The Great”! You should write about that story of our introducing each other from behind a curtain and you falling out the window instead. Thanks for the smile today.

  5. Shawn says I look like Grandma in that last picture!

  6. Glad everyone is enjoying the post and pictures. Kristin, that last pic of Grandma actually reminded me of Carolyn. Heard from Monica that Debbie’s pics (especially the one in the plaid dresses) reminded her of Micah. Love all these family resemblances being noticed! :)

  7. What is it with older sisters?

    Darling pictures, Cheryl. Blessed Sabbath rest to you.


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