Budget Agreement with the Father of the Bride


Mother of the Bride, are you on the same financial wedding-planning page as the Father of the Bride? Budget talk is never fun—in daily life or in wedding planning—but you’ll save yourself and your husband (or ex-husband as the case may be) countless unpleasant exchanges if the two of you are in budget agreement from the earliest stages of your planning.

FOBs may joke that their job in wedding planning is to hand the checkbook or credit card over, but they really do want to have a say in what’s reasonable to spend for the whole affair. If you’re not careful, wedding expenses can turn into a runaway train before you know it. If you know how much the FOB is comfortable in spending, MOB, you’ll know when to pull back on the brake and slow the wedding-planning locomotive down.

Most men—on their first time around the FOB block—will have no idea what a wedding might cost so be sure to enlighten him early on. Better that they have a chance to absorb the shock and weigh in on the budget for your particular wedding than to hit them with repeated shockers throughout the course of the planning.

So MOB, do your best to honor the FOB by getting on the same financial page with him from the beginning. Remember, you’re on the same team. You’ll enjoy the big day—and each other—so much more if financial strain and unhappiness doesn’t become a wedge between you. And hey, your spirit of cooperation will bless your sweet daughter as well!

*What tips might help MOBs and FOBs come to agreement on the wedding budget?

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