Back from Break with a Monogrammed Wedding Cake!


What better way to come back from a blogging break than with cake, right? Cake is always a welcome subject, and talking about wedding cakes is especially fun. If you haven’t started talking cake with your daughter, Mother of the Bride, there is no better time than the present. It’s one of the most fun chores on the wedding-planning to-do list so enjoy it to the fullest.

If your bride-in-the-making is looking for something simple and clean yet elegant, why not suggest a monogrammed cake, MOB? The one above is done in all white, which does indeed contribute to the elegant look, but you could ask the baker to add a splash of color with the monogram itself. Or if your daughter would like an even more colorful cake, all the decorative touches on the cake could be in one of the wedding colors. Or the cake layers themselves could even be a color other than white. Lots of possibilities!

So get busy talking cake, MOB, and throw out the monogrammed cake as one possibility. Whatever your sweet girl decides will be wonderful, won’t it—as long as you get a big piece on Wedding Day, huh?!

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*Flickr photo by Whipped Bakeshop, Creative Commons License

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