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8228692320_a9c3f0204d_zSince we’re supposed to get some snow tonight, it’s the perfect time to share a snowy word picture.

Ole Hallesby said, “As white snowflakes fall quietly and thickly on a winter day, answers to prayer will settle down upon you at every step you take, even to your dying day. The story of your life will be the story of prayer and answers to prayer.”

What a beautiful picture and, more than that, what a glorious thought. Imagine it for a minute. You’re standing outside while snow is falling all around you. (Go ahead — make it the big snowflakes that look so picturesque.) As you delight in the wonder of it all, you begin to see it in an even more amazing way. The snowflakes aren’t snowflakes at all but answers to prayer. In that moment, you see the true beauty of your life, and you feel rich.

It makes you think about all the people who have prayed for you over the years, doesn’t it? Parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, husbands, wives, children, friends, pastors, teachers. Even strangers may have prayed for you when they saw you in a tough spot or heard about your desperate need. And let’s not forget Jesus. Scripture tells us that Christ Himself is at the right hand of God praying for us (Romans 8:34). How blessed we are, living lives filled with the fruit of their prayers.

And don’t forget, in the same way, you have blessed the lives of others by praying for them. Some of these blessings you get to witness while others you may never see. Think for a minute. How many people have you touched through prayer? How many life stories are your prayers a part of? How many people have shaped your life story? Mine has been shaped by many of you.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’ll ever look at snowflakes drifting down in the same way again. I’ll be seeing your prayers. And I’ll be thanking God for you.

*Flickr photo by martinak15, Creative Commons License


  1. Cheryl,

    What a beautiful thought and picture. Did you get any snow? I happen to notice a website mentioned in the Better Homes and Garden magazine this evening that I e-mailed you where you are able to cut out a snowflake and send someone. When I read your blog I decided to check out the site and try and make a snowflake which I e-mailed you. The website is http://www.bhg/snowflake.

  2. Debbie, I got your snowflake — thanks! It made me think of all the answers to prayer for each other that we’ve seen fall down into our lives. Thanks for sharing the website with everyone through your comment — and thanks for the comment. It’s always such a blessing to me when I hear that someone has enjoyed a post. By the way, we ended up with just a dusting of snow, but it was still pretty.

  3. What a wonderful image! I can’t wait for the next snowfall here so I can stand in the middle of the yard and visualize all those answers to prayer.


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