Christmas Gifts for the Bride

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Christmas-shopping bills plus wedding expenses can equal one slightly stressed (okay, highly stressed) mother of the bride, can’t it? Either one of these particular expenses puts a strain on most of our budgets, but combine them and we’ll be seeing dollar signs in our sleep each night.

So what can you do, Mother of the Bride, to help alleviate a little of the financial pinch that may come your way in December? My oldest daughter Kristin inadvertently sparked one solution while we were planning her wedding. When the holidays rolled around, she told me not to worry about buying any Christmas gifts for her that year because she knew we were already spending a lot on her upcoming wedding. Of course, I didn’t want to forgo Christmas for her, but an idea clicked—why not combine the two?

And you know what? It worked perfectly. I went ahead and purchased the bridal veil she had shown interest in as well as a pair of bridal shoes and a beautiful wedding memories album that could serve as a guest book for the wedding. It also provided a place to record bridal shower and wedding gifts. A dear friend made some lacy garters for her and even decorated a special box for them with a bridal theme. I also gave Kristin a beautiful unity candle set as well as a fun honeymoon photo album. She was delighted.

So remember this, MOB, during the holiday season: A few meaningful wedding-related Christmas gifts for your bride-to-be daughter will strike her as not only fun but special as well while also giving your bank account a bit of a break. Another win-win on the wedding front!

*What other wedding-related items could also make special Christmas gifts?

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  1. These were some of my favorite Christmas gifts! I loved getting items for the wedding – it made me so excited!

  2. Wonderful idea. Although I’m not the mother of the bride, I’m still thinking about getting Nick and his fiance a practical, home-related gift for Christmas.

    • Great idea, Elaine — one they’ll really appreciate. You might even consider getting them something like a nice cake knife and server set if the bride doesn’t already have one she’s planning on using. They could use that on the cake table at the wedding as well as in the future. Enjoy this special time in the life of your family! :)

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