What Will I Do When a Storm Descends?

IMG_0676A potential health crisis threatened our family a few weeks ago. A cancer scare. Like storm clouds hovering overhead, thoughts of “what if” cast their shadow for days. We deliberately tried to shove them aside, but they were still there, hiding just beyond the surface.

I won’t go into specifics of who and what, but the scare did not involve an extended family member, but one within our immediate family. Yes, that’s right. It hit close. Too close. And too unthinkable — though I had to remind myself, like so many others have had to do, not to ask “Why us?” but “Why not us?”

Thank God, benign test results relieved our fears, but those days of waiting gave rise to countless thoughts, feelings, and ultimately a few overarching questions: If it proves to be cancer, what will we do with our faith in God? Will we stay faithful and continue to trust Him even if the news is devastating? Or will we pull away — and stay away — from Him, losing faith that He is good and that He loves us? In other words, will we run to Him or away from Him?

Mercifully, God spared us from having to live out the answers to those questions in full, but we tried to prepare ourselves for the worst. We remembered the truths of God’s love for us and of how He can bring something good out of a heartbreaking situation. We reminded ourselves that He would be with us every step of the way. You might say we were preparing ourselves to be faithful, preparing ourselves to trust Him, no matter the outcome.

One day a similar life test will go differently. One day we’ll have to live out the answers to these faith questions in full. Some of us reading this today have, in fact, already faced such a crisis, but even so, will we be ready for the next one? Join me today in considering, “What will I do with my faith when the unthinkable happens? What will I do when the storm descends?”

“But my eyes are fixed on you, O Sovereign LORD; in you I take refuge…” Psalm 141:8a

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  1. As so frequently happens with your blog, your words touched my heart just where God needed them to be. Thank you for your faithful, inspired, assuring words. THey mean so much to me. Praising God that the cancer scare was just a scare!

  2. Thanks so much for your sweet comment, Emily — such an encouragement to me when I hear that God has used something on my blog to encourage or minister to someone. Thanks for letting me know!

  3. So easy to sing along with “Praise You In The Storm”, but I’d really rather never come near that cancer storm again. Ever. Once again, thank you for your transparency and truth. This is an entry I will be reading over and over.

  4. What a moving and emotion truth. Thanks for continuing to share so much of yourself here on your blog. You are truly an inspiration. I am praising God for your favorable outcome.

  5. Jana, thank you — so glad this post is helpful! And so thankful that God gives me words that are meaningful and encouraging to others…

  6. Kirsten, I appreciate you so much — thank you!

  7. I have had to live out that question when our son got sick and died. I spent a tremendous amount of time with God and He was faithful, even in the midst of much sadness and even this week in our continued grief. And yet I know your question remains a valid one. I’m so sorry you’ve had to go through this scary time but thankful y’all are ok!

  8. Laura Drumb says

    Thanks, Cheryl, for these words of encouragement & truth. We have faced this of course & continue to do so. I still cannot believe that none of us (girls included) cried a single tear when the news came – know it was because of the power of others praying for us that day. As the tears come now, I know it is still His faithfulness that keeps us from falling apart! In 2 weeks God has another chance to prove His sustaining power when we go back for more news on Gary’s progress & future & I know He will deliver no matter what the dr. says. Your reminder was much needed today!

  9. Praise God for what he has done for your family. I would like to believe that I would hold onto God through that storm, but truly you have made me really think about it more. Thanks for your honesty and sharing with us. You are always so encouraging.

  10. Investing in our faith today will be the strengthened underpinning and understanding of our tomorrows. I know this one.

    Thanks be to God for good news!

    And I know what you’d do had cancer reared its witness. You’d stand firm.

    Keep investing, sister.


  11. Wonderful post. Several years ago, I told my husband I will never have a biopsy on a Friday again because it adds to the wait. Glory to God, my results were benign. I stood in faith for days, but had a few battles with satan regarding fear. I praise the Lord for your loves one’s benign results!

  12. Ladies, thanks so much for sharing from your experiences. Each one of you is an inspiration as you’ve remained faithful when your faith has been tested. I praise God for how He’s worked in your lives!

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