Preprinted Labels For Use At Bridal Fairs

Mother of the Bride, today I have a tip to pass along to your darling daughter turned bride-to-be. And the sooner you pass it along the better. Why? She needs this tip before attending bridal fairs during the early stages of planning.

When your daughter goes to bridal fairs and wedding expos—and hopefully you’ll get to go with her—she’ll be asked to write down her contact info time and again. Vendors will be offering giveaways and special offers and she will need to list her contact info to qualify for them. Of course, there will also be vendors she leaves her contact info with because of her strong interest in their services.

Instead of repeatedly handwriting her contact info, tell her to bring along a sheet of small pre-printed labels that list her name, address, phone number, and email address. She will be so glad she did—and so will the vendors. From personal experience when signing and selling my books at bridal fairs, many times I can’t make out some of the handwriting that is left for me to decipher.

I actually got this idea from a bride at one of the bridal fairs where I was a vendor. When she whipped out her contact info labels, I saw immediately what a huge help the labels were. I complimented her for being so well prepared and was super excited when she was the one who actually won the giveaway I offered that day. She deserved it for making life easier for both herself and us vendors alike!

So pass along this idea pronto, MOB. It will be one more time your girl thanks her lucky stars for having such a great mom!

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  1. Priscilla says

    You have a true gift of encouragement for the MOB. I’m in the second to last chapter of your book, and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve stopped and processed what you wrote, recognizing you were spot on with so many of the details of the wedding process. I have been so encouraged as I read and realize many of the things I am experiencing as a mother of the bride are very normal. It’s as if the Lord had you write this book just for me and He handed it to me. Many times when I’ve wanted to give up, I can hear you saying, “pull yourself up by the bootstraps and keep going!” Haha! Thank you ~ in the final homestretch, wedding is May 11, 2018.

    • Priscilla, I can’t tell you how happy your note has made me today. What a joy to hear that my book has been such a blessing to you! You have shown me that my desires for my book Mother of the Bride are coming true. And that’s an author’s dream come true for sure. Thank you so much for sharing your experience with me. And all the best in your final homestretch days!

      p.s. Sometime after the wedding when you get a chance, it would be wonderful if you shared your comment as a review for my book on Amazon. This is just what potential buyers need to hear! :) Thanks in advance if you get a chance to do it. Again, all the best!

      • Priscilla says

        Absolutely! I will put it on my calendar (phone) to remember, haha! Also, I thought is was neat how you referenced a lot about Tulsa in your book as I live in Tulsa. :)

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