Table or Mantelpiece Décor Idea for a Rustic Wedding


Nothing says rustic wedding like tree branch candle holders, Mother of the Bride. Whether using them as the key element of your daughter’s centerpieces or as décor on other tables, mantelpieces, or windowsills, they add the perfect outdoorsy touch to a rustic themed wedding.

Try a trio of tree branch candle holders for the central portion of a centerpiece or cluster a few different sizes together in other places needing a touch of décor. You might even take a linear approach in certain spots and arrange them from tallest to shortest. Fill out your arrangements with fresh-from-the-forest greenery and flowers or other accents in the color of the wedding, and voila—a rustic wonderland!

It’s hard to beat nature and candlelight, isn’t it, MOB? If your happy couple wants to go rustic, give tree branch candle holders a try!

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*Flickr photo by Wicker Paradise, Creative Commons License

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