Single Bloom Bridal Bouquets


Mother of the Bride, has your daughter discovered yet how many options are out there for her bridal bouquet? If so, she may actually be a little overwhelmed with the prospect of making a choice. Sometimes having to make one more choice is what pushes a stretched-to-thin bride-to-be from bridal bliss into full-blown bridal panic.

If your daughter would appreciate the ease of a less complicated bridal bouquet decision, try suggesting a single bloom bouquet. Of course, the single bloom will need to be a large bloom to give the illusion of a bouquet rather than just one flower.

Here are some large bloom options: She could go with a dahlia (like pictured above), but other large bloom flowers include peonies, magnolias, alliums, hydrangea, proteas, and sunflowers. Have her take a look at this Single Flower Bouquet page on Pinterest to see if one strikes her bridal fancy.

And by the way, MOB, one other advantage to a single bloom bouquet is a less expensive price. The groom and/or his parents will thank you for that. Looks like it could be a win-win for everyone!

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Photo credit: Flower Factor via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC

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