The Giver of Bounty

“You crown the year with your bounty, and your carts overflow with abundance.” Psalm 65:11

Thriving backyard gardens. Colorful farmer’s markets. Seasonal fresh fruit offered in restaurants. Just a few signs of summer’s bounty in full swing.

Other than our strawberry patch, Don and I don’t garden, but we’ve enjoyed watching our daughter Kristin and son-in-law Shawn start one. We also love to poke around my Dad’s garden when we get the chance. Dad has always had a garden so I guess Kristin has inherited that desire to work in the dirt from him. Sadly, the green thumb gene skipped a generation with me.

As we all enjoy the beauty and the nourishing benefits of growing and thriving gardens this summer, let’s think of the above verse from Psalms and remember the One who makes the bounty possible. He is not only crowning our year with good garden produce, but he’s blessing our lives with abundance in other areas as well.

For example, I’m rejoicing this month in a wonderful blessing God has orchestrated for Kristin and Shawn—an upcoming trip to New York City this summer! When good things happen to my kids, it’s almost like they happen to me. Bet you feel the same way.

We’ve seen great blessing in the lives of my extended family as well this month. God brought my new little great-nephew through an unexpected health crisis recently, and we are all praising God for his watchcare over baby Luke.

God has also brought bounty into my writing life over the past few weeks with the good news that a couple of my articles have been accepted for publication. Believe me, when a writer goes for a period of months without good news, a couple of acceptances is indeed a bounty worth celebrating. Writer friends, am I right?

These are just a few current examples from my life. If I listed the bounty of an entire year, I’d have to do it in installments! Now that I think about it, my gratitude journal is one way of doing this.

What about you? How has God crowned your year with bounty? What abundance has he blessed you with lately? Join me, won’t you, in giving him glory for the good things he’s doing in our lives. I’m all ears!

“They will come and shout for joy . . . they will rejoice in the bounty of the Lord . . .” Jeremiah 31:12

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*Flickr photo by juicyverve


  1. This is the second post I’ve read TODAY about being thankful and recognizing our blessings.

    Maybe God’s trying to tell me something…

    Thanks for the reminder, Cheryl!

  2. Just when I think there hasn’t been much is the way of “bounty”, I am reminded anew of many of the hidden things I take for granted. Like potatoes or carrots growing beneath the ground, or late summer bloomers such a sweet peas, some things just aren’t evident YET.

    Love this post. Summer is truly a season of awe & wonder if we’ll but rest awhile with the fire flies.

  3. Kathleen, we need the reminder to rest awhile in summer. We need to slow down a bit, don’t we?

    Vonda, love it when God really bring a point home!

  4. Sometimes I miss seeing the bounty for all the worries I carry. Today I’m going to be intentional about counting my blessings. Thank you for this prompt, Cheryl.


  5. Hi Cheryl,

    I DO agree that when God blesses my kids it feels like a double blessing, because my heart surely benefits from it.

    Our middle son just joined the military and is about to get married, so lots of preparation involved and I’m GRATEFUL for God’s grace and provision!

  6. Elaine, so glad the post helped in the midst of your worries. And Julie, all the best with your son’s upcoming wedding! Exciting days! :)

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