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What a privilege
When I can go to God
On someone else’s behalf.
What a comfort to know He listens
And answers with perfect wisdom.
What peace in knowing
It’s the best I can give —
That nothing less will do…

I give you my best today —
I’m on my knees for you.

“…night and day I constantly remember you in my prayers.” 2 Timothy 1:3b

*Are you on your knees for someone today? Trust God to answer in His perfect time, in His perfect way!

*Public Domain photo by Pierre martinfr

Whatcha Readin’?

So what’s everyone reading this summer? Whether you’re relaxing with a good book while on vacation or snatching moments of reading pleasure in the midst of hectic times like I’ve been having lately, I’d love to hear what titles have captured your attention this summer.

During the past few weeks, I’ve read Kristen Heitzmann’s new release, Indivisible, and Terri Blackstock’s older novel, Cape Refuge, both Christian suspense novels. I enjoyed one, but the other not so much.

Of the two, Heitzmann’s Indivisible gets a thumbs up (though it’s not for the faint of heart), while Blackstock’s Cape Refuge disappointed me. The characters did and said things that were just not believable to me, and it left me feeling frustrated. I’m not sure if I’ll read the second book in the series or not. I need to point out, though, that last year I read Blackstock’s entire Restoration series and thoroughly enjoyed those.

Next I plan to read author Carla Stewart’s debut novel Chasing Lilacs, which is receiving high praise. I recently won a copy and am poised to dig in to it as soon as it arrives. Carla and I have met online through blogging and writers groups and even attended the same writers workshop in Tulsa a couple of years ago but failed to meet in person that day. Darn! :) I also found out yesterday that I won a copy of author and writing mentor Mary DeMuth’s Thin Places so am looking forward to reading it as soon as possible as well. I feel so lucky to have won these two books. They’ve both been on my wish list.

How about you? What have you been reading? What’s next for you — or what’s on your wish list? Whatever it is, I hope you enjoy! After all, that’s the spirit of summer, isn’t it? Happy reading!

“God…richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment.” 1 Timothy 6:17b

*Flickr photo by alicejamieson, Creative Commons License

Short But Sweet

So what does a mom do when she gets the chance to see her daughter who lives nearly six hours away, even if it’s for just a few hours? She takes it, of course! That’s what I did this past weekend when Kristin traveled up to Kelli’s to participate in her bachelorette weekend with all the girlfriends and bridesmaids.

I wasn’t part of the girls’ festivities, of course, but I put on my running shoes yet again and made my way over to Kelli’s so I could hang out with Kristin during some free hours while Kelli worked. The visit was short but oh so sweet and totally worth the hour and a half drive to get to see my girl. Believe me, we crammed lots of talking and activity into a very short amount of time.

Of course, the time slipped by too quickly, but I was grateful for each minute. It reminds me of something the psalmist said to the Lord in a prayer: “Better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere…” (Psalm 84:10a). And for me, how much better it is to take time away from the demands of life and spend time with my daughters than to let those demands rob me of precious moments with them.

Sometimes the demands of life try to keep us from moments with the Lord as well. Let’s not let those demands dictate our every move. Let’s take time to make our way to Him. Even if the visit is short, it will be oh so sweet — and totally worth the effort to get there. It always is with one you love…

“Do your best to come to me quickly…” 2 Timothy 4:9

*Kristin’s birthday is Friday. Happy Birthday, sweetie pie! Love you!

A Giving Dad

My husband Don is a giving dad. Here he is pictured with our firstborn, Kristin. He’s been giving since the day she was born, and when Kelli came along, the giving simply doubled. Do you know a dad like that?

To celebrate Don and all the other giving dads out there among us, I’d like to share a poem I submitted to Blue Mountain Arts last year, but they declined to use. I haven’t had any luck selling a “husband” piece to them yet but would still like to share the message, so why not on the blog? So here you go, Don — for you!

Happy Father’s Day, Dear Husband

You’re a dad who always puts
his kids first…

Honey, it hasn’t gone unnoticed
I’ve seen it time and again,
The unselfish decisions you make
The choices that show your love.
You set aside your personal desires
To meet the needs of our kids,
If you must choose one or the other
You always choose for them.
And when it comes to extras—
The treats, the things that will bless,
I see your generous spirit swell
As you desire to give again.
Nothing makes you happier
Than to somehow give them joy,
Than to watch their eyes light up,
To help make their dreams come true.
The thing you may not realize, though,
Is something I plainly see,
You yourself are gift enough—
A dad who chooses unselfishly.

With All My Love Today and Always

“How great is the love the Father has lavished on us…” 1 John 3:1a

*My photo

Coming Down the Home Stretch

Well, folks, we’re coming down the home stretch. As of tomorrow, we have one month to go until our daughter’s wedding day. And for those of you who’ve never been a mother of the bride, let me clue you in — it’s a marathon.

Sure, there’s lots of fun involved in helping your little bride-to-be plan her wedding, but there’s lots of work, too. Your to-do list is a mile long, and no sooner do you check something off than you have to add something else. But now for me — now I can see the end. We’re almost there.

Of course, at this point, weariness sets in. You’re tired of doing one task after another. But you can’t stop now. You’ve got to kick it into gear and press on. Everyone’s depending on you. And most of all, you want to give your daughter and her beloved a beautiful wedding celebration. You want everything to come together as it should.

And so you do what needs to be done, knowing the unfolding of it all on wedding weekend will be worth the price you’ve paid for months. You can already taste the sweetness of the finish line, and your love for your daughter propels you forward. She’s worth it. She’s always been worth a sacrifice. And never more so than for her wedding.

And now as I’m coming down my home stretch, I’m wondering if any of you find yourselves on a home stretch of your own. If so, don’t let weariness do you in. Kick it into gear and press on. The sweetness of the finish line is just ahead!

“…let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us.” Hebrews 12:1b

Flickr photo by nyflygirl76, Creative Commons License

*Thanks for your prayers for Don’s mother. Things have been up and down the past few days, but she is still in her assisted living home. We’re praying she’ll get back to more stable health soon.