Book Review: The Woman I Am Becoming

Since we just got back from vacation, it’s the perfect opportunity to share something I’ve been saving for a time when I was too pressed or pooped to write. I hope to get back to a more normal routine soon, but for now I hope you enjoy reading about a wonderful book written by T. Suzanne Eller. (Yes, she’s the author I met face to face not long ago!)

The Woman I Am Becoming — A Book Review

When author Suzie Eller was in her twenties, she didn’t see herself as a full-fledged woman. In her book The Woman I Am Becoming she said, “When I looked in the mirror … I saw me—a woman under construction. A building project that was dragging on and on, complete with breakdowns and cost overruns …. I saw my life as a construction zone. All I could perceive was the dust and noise and sweat. But God—the ultimate designer of my life—reached down to remind me that he had plans for me. It was time to view myself in an entirely different way: As the woman I was becoming.”

In this book Suzie addresses issues that twenty-something women grapple with on a daily basis, such as identity issues, relationships, faith, vocation, and the future. She does it, however, with the help of women of all ages. In fact, the book reads more like a conversation than an authority giving answers.

She gives us insight into the feelings and thought processes of young women by beginning her chapters with blog posts written by twenty-something women while also including other revealing quotes from them throughout the book. In an effort to build community for her twenty-something readers and to offer them wisdom from older women, Suzie shares what she has learned personally as well as the thoughts of other women in their thirties and beyond. Each chapter ends with personal application questions and space for readers to journal their answers.

Suzie writes from a position of knowledge concerning the twenty-something age group. She is the mother of three children in their twenties and is active in youth and young-adult/career ministry. She is a writer and speaker who has written three other books geared towards teens and young adults as well as a book for moms.

Even though The Woman I Am Becoming was written for women in their twenties, women of all ages can benefit from reading it. After all, like Suzie says at the end of the first chapter, “With God’s help I began a journey of transformation, and I’m still on that path! … Just when I think I’ve arrived, I encounter a new opportunity or challenge or season, and the waltz starts all over again.”

Suzie helps her readers, especially those in their twenties, learn how to dance with God, following His lead every step of the way. The questions at the end of the chapters prod readers into that next level of personal application and make this a powerful resource in the faith journey. I highly recommend this book. Check out Suzie’s website and get to know her a little better. You’ll be glad you did!

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  1. this is a great book–I highly recommend it as well. Nice job reviewing it Cheryl!

  2. Keri, thanks so much for popping in at my blog and offering your recommendation for Suzie’s book as well. Glad you enjoyed the review!

  3. Thanks, Cheryl. And Keri. : )

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