Family Love

Since I’ve been enjoying a weekend away visiting family this Labor Day weekend, let me share some wonderful thoughts on family and love from some folks of the past. Some things just never get outdated, no matter how long ago they were first uttered or written. Enjoy these quotes — and your family!

“There’s no vocabulary
For love within a family, love that’s lived in
But not looked at, love within the light of which
All else is seen, the love within which
All other love finds speech.”

–T.S. Eliot, 1888-1965

“Love is of utmost importance. Once you have set your will that you will learn the way of love, then there is no flaw or irritation in another person that you cannot bear….If this one commandment were kept — ‘Love one another’ — I know that it would carry us a long way toward keeping all the rest of our Lord’s commands.” St. Teresa of Avila, 1515-1582

“Sweet is the smile of home, the mutual look, when hearts are of each other sure.” John Keble, Anglican priest and poet, 1792-1866

*p.s. The photo above was taken last summer during our family reunion. From left to right — nephew Gavin, great-nephew Samuel, nephew Cody, daughter Kelli, and son-in-law Shawn (married to daughter Kristin). What’s one of the favorite times you’ve shared as a family?


  1. Loved the family theme!

    Happy labor day,
    Sonya Lee

  2. Favorites: Playing games with the family…kids, grandkids, mom, brother, sisters, and friends!

  3. Great post. Hope you had a great Labor Day holiday.

  4. The love you have for your family always shines so brightly. Thanks for sharing them with us.

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