Summer Photo Fun Returns!

Since July is here and Don is now on his summer break, all semblance of normalcy and routine have flown out the window here at the Barker house. Wish I could take credit for the cute photo above, but things haven’t gotten quite that crazy around here yet :) That shot is actually a Flickr photo by familymwr (Creative Commons License).

Last year during our crazy month of July (we even had a wedding thrown into the mix!), I opted to do a few weeks of Photo Fun here on the blog to give myself a break from writing that takes more focused thought. We don’t have a wedding this summer, but my growing-more-crowded-by-the-second calendar tells me that I need to make photo fun a tradition when Don is on summer break. So let’s just make it official. Summer Photo Fun now has a regular gig here on Cheryl’s R&R! :)

To kick off this year’s Summer Photo Fun, I wanted to share a sweet series of shots taken of my Dad and my niece Joanna (his granddaughter) last summer at Kelli and Jake’s wedding. To Joanna’s left you can see her mom, my sister Janice. These are some of our favorite family shots from the wedding. I think you’ll see why. Such precious love. Enjoy!


“… love one another deeply, from the heart.” 1 Peter 1:22b

*Grandpa/Joanna photos by Will Flowers


  1. Janice (Mom of the cute girl) says

    Cheryl, I feel so honored you chose to start your summer photo fun with Joanna and Dad! You can really see the love in those pictures.

  2. Janice, I love these pics of Joanna and Dad. So happy to share them — and am sure all who see them will enjoy them, too. And you’re right — Joanna IS a cute girl! :)

  3. What beautiful and heart warming pictures. Happy 4th, and hope Summer is going splendid for you!

  4. grandfathers are especially sweet and dear to their granddaughters. hold onto him while you can, joanna!!

  5. Your dad looks like such a kind man. He reminds me somehow of Dr. David Jeremiah. And…it’s so cute how with each shot Joanna smiles more and more until she’s just plain silly with the last hug.

    I look forward to more summer pics!

    Thanks for sharing and stay cool.

  6. These are some of my favorite pictures from the wedding. Grandpa loves Joanna so much and it is such a special memory to have forever!

  7. Yes, I do see why you love those pictures! What a sweet memory to be captured on film. :-)

  8. The last picture is my very favorite. I look forward to your other fun photos.

  9. Very sweet, Cheryl! Thank you for sharing this tender memory with me. Hope you’re enjoying this summer. Mine is flying by. I’ve been working very hard on my writing, and the kids keep me busy.


  10. Precious pictures, Cheryl! You can see the love in both their faces. :-)

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