Time Management: Give Yourself a Break, MOB

2837855969_63e4c584f9_zEvery woman is busy, but the word busy takes on a whole new meaning for mothers of the bride. Believe it or not, the world doesn’t get the memo that an engagement has taken place and a wedding must be planned. Everyday life and the demands that go with it just keep on coming.

So, Mother of the Bride, how can you manage an already full life and schedule plus help your daughter plan the wedding of her dreams? My best advice is to learn right away—preferably yesterday—how to say no and help.

When others ask you to take on extra tasks during the wedding planning months, don’t think twice—say no. That’s right—politely decline with absolutely no guilt. This is one easy way to help safeguard your sanity during the beyond-busy months ahead.

Another way to say no is to look at your calendar and give yourself a break by postponing or canceling some of your regular activities. Let someone else organize the school book fair this time. Scale back on your holiday baking or skip sending Christmas cards this year. Take a break from teaching your Sunday school class for awhile. You can always get back to your regular activities after your daughter’s big day has come and gone.

Saying help will also free up more of your time to concentrate on these once-in-a-lifetime months with your daughter. How can your friends and family help ease the load you’re carrying? What everyday tasks might they be able to help with—either on a one-time or a repeat basis for a few months? Do you have friends, sisters, or other daughters who can lend a helping hand with some of the wedding tasks?

Mother of the Bride, do yourself a favor, give yourself a break, and allow the simple words no and help to make the all the difference in managing your time—and your sanity—over the next few months. Who knows, you might decide to use those words long after the wedding, too! :)

*Which wedding tasks feel especially overwhelming to you? Who might be willing to help?

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